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10 reasons NOT to put a lift kit in your Jeep

  1. After a lift, your Jeep will NOT ride like it did when it was stock height (don’t believe the marketing hype or message boards)
  2. You WILL spend significantly more money on your Jeep after the lift kit is installed
  3. Lift kits lead to bigger tires. Bigger tires lead to new steering parts, better brakes, gearing upgrades, a stronger tire carrier, refinancing your house, etc.
  4. Your wife/girlfriend will complain that your Jeep is hard to get into and is scary to drive
  5. 33-inch tires will start to look tiny. Your brain does strange things in an effort to make you justify that 38’s are the new 33’s
  6. (more…)


FAQ: How do I fix my faded Jeep fender flares?

If you own a Jeep Wrangler for a couple of years, you’re bound to confront the problem of faded fender flares. They start out a nice shiny black and gradually fade to a crappy dull gray after a year or two in the sun. Products like Armor All or 303 will keep your flares shiny and black for a while, but one good rain will kill that pretty quickly. Another option is painting your flares, which unfortunately requires a lot of work and can be scraped/scratched off on the trails.

So, what else can you try? (more…)


How to Revive Rusty Jeep Parts

If you’ve got an old Jeep, or you live in a snowy region, you can be pretty sure that you’re going to deal with rust at some point.  I live in New England, so unfortunately I gotta deal with salt.  Helpful tip-  margarita on the rocks w/ salt = tasty….Jeep on the rocks w/ salt = rusty.

In my case, my Jeeperman rocker guards were thrashed.  My rocker guards came from Jeeperman with a black powder coat on them (my first mistake).  I learned the hard way that powder coating and New England winters just don’t mix. I think my rocker guards lasted about 2 months before they started bubbling and peeling.  The powder coating on my Skid Row Engine Skid lasted a little longer, but wasn’t too much better.  I now avoid powder coated parts whenever possible.  No sense paying extra for this stuff when it doesn’t even last a year.  FYI, if you’re buying bumpers, rocker guards, or skid plates most of the smaller manufacturers will ship them to you bare.


10 Reasons to Install a Lift Kit in Your Jeep

  1. You can now add bigger tires and increase your ground clearance
  2. Your Jeep will have better articulation and offroad performance
  3. You’ll climb obstacles and traverse trails that you never thought possible
  4. Other people will no longer refer to your t-case skid as a “shovel”
  5. On the highway, you’ll now be able to see over the roof of that minivan in front of you
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Can You Fit 31-inch Tires on Stock Jeep JK Wheels?

Submitted Question:
Hey. I’ve got 16 inch alloy wheels on my 07 jeep wrangler unlimited. I’m thinking of sticking with the original wheels and putting on 31 inch tires on. Will this be a problem? I’d prefer not to get a lift. I hear so many different things about tires and rims. I do some light trails but mostly pavement driving. I see that a lot of people switch over to steel wheels, but I honestly dont want to spend the extra money if I dont have to. Any suggestions?

JeepReviews.com Answer:
The Jeep Wrangler JK actually (more…)


Can You Fit 33-inch Tires on a Jeep With a 2-inch Lift?

Submitted Question:
Hey, I have a 99 wrangler sport, stock automatic. It needs new shocks and I’m thinking of getting a 2″ suspension lift while getting the shocks. I would also like to put 33″s on it after the lift and all. Will I have any rubbing issues? And how much power loss would I have if any? Should I go up to a 4.5 geat ratio? I’m unsure of my current gear ratio(Tried looking but couldn’t find any numbers). I am also very new to jeeps and have no experience with it. I already have trouble going 50 up even slight hills. Thanks alot.

JeepReviews.com Answer:
To fit 33-inch tires on a Jeep TJ, you really need (more…)


FAQ: Should I Lift My Jeep?

To many Jeep owners, this isn’t even a thought, you just do it (lift first…ask questions later). Truthfully, that’s what I did. However, I’d encourage any new Jeep owner to step back and think about whether a lift kit is REALLY the right decision for them before taking the plunge.Before liftWhy, you ask? Well, for the uninitiated, lifting a Jeep typically isn’t as simple as bolting on the kit and then living happily ever after. Suspension lifts, specifically, will change the geometry of how your suspension was originally designed to work. I won’t bore you with the specifics of control arm length, alignment specs, and pinion angles, but suffice to say that you’ll be tweaking all of these at some point after your lift (something the catalogs forget to mention in their marketing copy). So, learn from my experiences young Padawan, and hopefully you’ll save some cash and frustration along the way.

Here are some things to think about BEFORE you purchase a lift kit for your Jeep: (more…)


Does a Lift Kit Void the Warranty on my Jeep?

Submitted Question:
If I add a lift kit to my Jeep, will it void my warranty?

JeepReviews.com Answer:
As far as the warranty issues go, it’s hard to give a definitive answer. The general consensus out there is that dealers are consistently inconsistent. Some dealers say things like (more…)