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Jeep Rubicon Pic

Jeep Rubicon

I own a specialty pre-owned Jeep Wrangler dealership and have had the pleasure to buy - sell - and own hundreds of Jeep Wranglers typically 1997 - 2010 but mainly specialize in the TJ model 1997-2006. After years of working with these jeeps they usually have simple common issues that are easy and... [See all Jeep Rubicon reviews...]
Jeep Wrangler Pic

Jeep Wrangler

My Jeep Wrangler is a wonderful vehicle. It is simple, rugged, adventurous. My Jeep has the amazing, bomb-proof 4.0 straight six cylinder engine that provides adequate power. My Jeep has a 2 inch lift with 35 in bf goodrich tko tires that seem to do well on all terrain, whether it's mud, sand, or... [See all Jeep Wrangler reviews...]
Jeep Cherokee Pic

Jeep Cherokee

I've had my 93 XJ for 4 years now, just one of 4 I've owned. It has the AX-15 5 speed and 4.0L H.O that will get 1st, 2nd, and bark 3rd. It's the most powerful vehicle I've ever owned. It's a rust bucket, but that's the best thing. People say "what a pos" but when I go to challenge them offroad or... [See all Jeep Cherokee reviews...]
Jeep Liberty Pic

Jeep Liberty

The good: fairly compact, powerful 2.8 Diesel engine, 460 NM, 200 HP. Selec Trac II full time 4WD, Good comfort on all types of roads, paved or not, and even off-road. Great Performance on sand . Low consumption if you take into account the vehicle weight and CW. 2.5 tons towing... [See all Jeep Liberty reviews...]
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Jeep Commander

Bought used with 98k miles. Runs well. Have the same issues with the sunroof drains clogging up. No issues with electrical systems. 07 4x2 limited, 4.7l flex fuel [See all Jeep Commander reviews...]
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