Does a Lift Kit Void the Warranty on my Jeep?

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If I add a lift kit to my Jeep, will it void my warranty? Answer:
As far as the warranty issues go, it’s hard to give a definitive answer. The general consensus out there is that dealers are consistently inconsistent. Some dealers say things like “anything over a 2-inch lift will void your warranty.” Other dealers use a different height number, some say any lift will void the warranty, and yet others will support warranty claims on your lifted Jeep as long as they have done the install.

I think the best advice is to call your dealer and ask them outright what their policies are on lifted Jeeps. If your dealer is inflexible, you might try calling another dealer in your area to see if their “policy” is different. Also, if you do hear an answer like, “yes, a 2-inch lift is fine and won’t void your warranty”….try to get the dealer to put this in WRITING for you. You’ll want to have some proof in case they change their tune if/when you bring your Jeep in for warranty service later.

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  • Mike

    Don’t sweat it, nothing is going to go wrong until the warranty is gone anyway. Start having a good time with it now, you are your own warranty, just fix what breaks. It will break.

  • Alex

    Any modification that could potentially alter the operational capability of the vehicle as (factory spec) tested may not only affect warranty but may also your insurance (including life insurance). If you going to modify then you must be aware that the onus and fallout is something you are willing to accept.


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