Can You Fit 31-inch Tires on Stock Jeep JK Wheels?

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Hey. I’ve got 16 inch alloy wheels on my 07 jeep wrangler unlimited. I’m thinking of sticking with the original wheels and putting on 31 inch tires on. Will this be a problem? I’d prefer not to get a lift. I hear so many different things about tires and rims. I do some light trails but mostly pavement driving. I see that a lot of people switch over to steel wheels, but I honestly dont want to spend the extra money if I dont have to. Any suggestions? Answer:
The Jeep Wrangler JK actually gives some extra clearance than its “TJ” predecessor. On a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK you can fit 31-inch tires on the stock 16 inch rims without any rubbing issues and without needing a lift kit. You can also fit 32-inch tires without a lift, however, the width of the 32s (32×11.50) will be a bit too much for the backspacing on your stock rims. If you wanted to run 32s on your stock rims you could add 1″-1.5″ wheel spacers. Bottomline: you should be able to add 31×10.50s without any mods.

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  • Diaz

    Wanted to know if I need to make any modifications to the stock gears if I add 33 inch tires to a 2011 JK? Also are the original JK stock wheels 16 or 17 because when I measure them they are 17 inches and the tire reads 16? I ordered tires for it but ordered to fit a 17 inch rim would that be a problem if stock tire reads 16?

    • Junior

      Yes if it reads 16” on the tire that is the correct measurement

  • Chico

    I just got a new 2010 JK unlimited and love it. I’m new to the offroad experience and plan to start w/ light to medium trails. I’ve been cruisn’ on the net for reviews on lift kit vs suspension kits and air intakes for more ponies. My question is, as a beginner/novice, I don’t want to break the bank on a lift kit/suspension kit. Since the jeep will be primarily be driven on pavement, thoughts on lift or suspension? I’m seriously considering the RB BB lift and getting RB shocks; would OME 2/3in lift be better w/ their shocks?

  • Tom

    I have a 2007 Wrangler X with stock 16 inch steel wheels, can I move up to 17 inch without any issues?

  • Mike

    I have 17″ Rubicon wheels and tires on my 08 with no issues.

  • kalybe burton

    i have a stock height 02 jeep wrangler x what size tire can i put on without lifting it to give it a little more beefy look

  • Kendra

    I have a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport. I don’t want to spen all kinds of money on lifts etc at the moment. But I would like to make my Jeep look a little tougher.

    I do take it on the some light trails with a few rocks, and some mud.

    I have the original 16’s on her right now, but I have recently purchased some 17″ chrome jeep rims.

    And now I am curious as to what kind and what size tire I am able to put on?

    • Jonnyd

      My dad has a 2011 jk completely stock and I just bought him some 17s with 285/70/17s and they tuck under pretty good. Haven’t hit any trails yet but I’m sure they’re gonna rub quite a bit until he gets his lift

    • Shawn

      you can fit 32s on it with stock wheels but you going to need to put a life on it. just go online and look up coil spring spacers all you need is a 2 inch spacers and you will be good. Its the cheapest life you can get.

  • burhan

    Dir sir
    i would like to know if i can fit 33 inch tiers on wrangler sahara 2011 withot liftting the jjeep

    • T. Saroch

      Can they fit, yes. But they will not work without rubbing. I mean like rub bad anytime you make a turn more than a few degrees. Also any articulation more than a few inches they will make close friend with the fenders & other body parts. Best advise, call 4 Wheel Drive, they will honestly tell you what will or will not work. I was assuming that you were using stk. wheels, no spacers etc. Law of physics in Jeeping, 1change effects something else.

  • dan

    hey I have a 2016 4 door JK what is the biggest tire I can run without any lift kit?


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