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Sells Rubicon Express brand products for Jeeps including: shocks, springs, lift kits, track bars, and SYEs.

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Rubicon Express

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Rubicon Express - Reviews

Customer Rating No customer service
Date: Apr 11, 2019
Reviewer: A User from (Seahurst, Washington state. )
I got the 4.5 short arm kit from RE. I got the rear track bar, pitman arm drop, t case drop and their steering stabilizer. The front springs rub on one side of the spring pocket, both springs. Its like they are too big. I had a pro mechanic install the lift. I cannot get rubicon express to answer me. I spoke with a rep on phone. He sent and email for me to reply with pics. I replied within an hour of him sending the email. It has been 2 weeks and not a word. I emailed 4 times and called once. No response! I contacted them on FB- no response. I contacted them on IG. Someone said The rep would get back to me ASAP! - no response! The people I have talked to said the spring should not touch or rub the side of the pocket so something is not right and I need a damn answer on what to do! I will never buy from them again!!
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Customer Rating Great product, sad customer service.
Date: Dec 30, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Fair Oaks, CA)
I bought a lift kit from the Rubicon Express shop in Rancho Cordova some years back. Installed it myself and had no problems. Still works great. Went back to buy gear sets and ARB lockers. It took three trips and four weeks to get all of my equipment. At one point , well into the fiasco, my sales rep started giving me his personal life issues to excuse their poor performance in the matter! Thanks but I get enough of that from the kids. Now mind you, they were well paid and they had already invoiced the sale. I know they had invoiced it because none of the other sales people could assist with the scattered order because the books showed it closed out. It's was well beyond annoying at this point. I finally had to get the sale manager to relieve him of his work burden. Within hours I had my stuff! The first sales guys was apparently too distracted to put the complete order together, I guess. I won't even begin to go into my experience with company, that my sales rep had recommended, earlier in the sale, to do the installation. We'll save all that for another review. It appears that it's a coin toss on how you'll get treated over there. My recommendation: buy your Rubicon Express products from secondary vendors that treat you right.
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Customer Rating The Original!
Date: Feb 17, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Nor Cal)
I have run an RE Long Arm for 6 years on my TJ with 5.5" of lift. I have had ZERO bushing problems and ZERO lift problems. I am glad that I went with the original long arm (at the time, they were the only one out there).

I have heard people talk down about RE over the years - and I remember something my dad used to say: "When you are on the top of the mountain, everyone is aiming for you."

RE is great.
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Customer Rating Good parts!
Date: Apr 14, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Carlisle, PA)
I bought the adjustable lower rear control arms(4wheelersupply) and gen 1 disconnects(knowwhere2jeep). The control arms were easy to install and adjust, and are much heavier than stock. Great upgrade!! The disconnects are great for the occassional offroader but if you are constantly disconnecting I would reccommend the gen 2 style. The bolts suppled to mount to the swaybar were the wrong size, and had to make a special trip. At $30 for the adapters(some bolts and 2 brackets), the correct bolts should have been included. Both retailers provided great customer service, and everything arrived on time.
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Customer Rating They forgot they're in sales
Date: Jun 18, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (Phoenix)
I bought a 3.5" suspension lift from Rubicon Express about 2 years ago and for the most part I enjoy the lift and the ability it gives my Jeep Cherokee. The initial order went smoothly and the delivery was on time. Now that I've had it for two years and some cheap parts need to be replaced... lets just say, now that I'm not spending $700+ they obviously don't want to hear from me. From being sarcastic to correcting me, to blaming me for misunderstandings and shipping mistakes this company has now cost me much more money while waiting for the parts to be able to drive my car. Wouldn't ever buy parts or components that are exclusive to this company again. On the other hand, if you don't think you'll ever need parts replaced, this company may work for you.
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Customer Rating Quality products and great service.
Date: Nov 06, 2005
Reviewer: A User from (San Diego, Ca.)
I have ordered a RE BB and shock relocators from RE. There service was good and they have a vast array of items. I would order again, but often you can find their products from other vendors at a savings.
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