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Arkansas - Ouachita Jeep Jamboree

This Jeep Jamboree takes place in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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Arkansas - Ouachita Jeep Jamboree

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Arkansas - Ouachita Jeep Jamboree - Reviews

Customer Rating 2005 Hot Springs Jeep Jamboree
Date: Apr 09, 2006
Reviewer: A JeepReviews.com User from (Texas)
Ouachita fall Jeep Jamboree was the reuniting of an old friend who moved to St. Louis, (Tim // Go Astros) and the meeting of many new friends (Linda, Tommy, Rachel and many more) who have made a life long impression with the memories we shared in the beautiful setting of Hot Springs, AR.

The weekend started for me Thursday night with early registration and check in at the Austin hotel and convention center where all the meals (except lunch on the trail) and the drawing were to be held. Friday morning we were fed breakfast (all you can eat buffet) in the hotel and then the mandatory drivers meeting where we went over the safety rules and things not to do while in the Superlift Offroad Vehicle Park (www.orvpark.com).

Once we completed the morning agenda we all caravanned out to the park where we aired down and grouped up for the days events. This is where Tim and I met Linda and her son Tommy. They were parked ahead of us and had never been to a Jamboree or off-roading for that matter and were asking why they needed to air down and how much, from that moment on we were good friends and spent the majority of the weekend laughing, joking and sharing memories that will last a lifetime.

Once everyone was ready we proceeded to run our first set of trails for the day. I was in the blue group which was majority first timers or not set up for the more challenging trails. I personally have 5.5 inch lift with 35 inch tires, so I was the odd one in the group, BUT I was the first to break. We started our first trail and my front driver's side axel broke. Once we got my Jeep out of the way so everyone else could continue the trails I jumped in with my buddy Tim and we rode the rest of the morning together catching up on old times while my Jeep was being repaired by the outstanding trail guides and mechanic (Skids) from town. The Jeep was completed by 2pm and I was able to complete the rest of the day with no problems. The blue group was the last to leave the park and arrive back at the hotel for dinner.

Saturday the 22nd started the same with breakfast and the refresher meeting, then the drive out to the Superlift ORV Park. We were once again with the blue group which had gained even more Jeeps today due to people dropping down because they wanted a nice relaxing day, or they thought the other groups were a little too hard. We had a total of 19 Jeeps for the day. Today we did trails that were rated a 3 on a 5 diamond scale to give everyone a little more exposure to the way Jeeps were able to handle the offroad environment, and everyone did an awesome job with no one breaking anything. There was the occasional winch or tow strap that needed to be used, but all in all it was a really good day.

We ended the day with a visit to the mud bog pit where the majority of the group stood and watched as some of us played in the mud. Once we all aired back up and reconnected sway bars we headed back to the hotel for the nights dinner and drawing. I was fortunate enough to be sitting at the LUCKIEST table in the conference room. There were 7 of us at the table and 6 people won something including the Rachel who was sitting next to me when I drew her name for the winch, or Linda who blurted out "it's mine" when the lift kit was to be given away and SHE WON. Thanks to everyone who stuck around while we downloaded all your wonderful pictures which you will be able to click on below to view.

I have been to many Jeep events all over the state of Texas, but this was one of the most awesome run ORV Parks I have ever seen. One of the owners Don was our trail guide for the weekend and he was more than willing to show those who didn't know what to do how to do it where they needed to be or the obstacle ahead. The park had everything from beginners to some very challenging 5 diamonds that I TRIED to walk but after looking decided it would be better to just look and not try to walk/slide down for my own safety. The park was open to motorcycles, ATV's and vehicles, but the good thing is we very rarely saw any and never had to worry about being on the same trails. If you ever have a free weekend I would suggest giving the Superlift ORV Park a run for it's money, or at least see how much money you end up spending fixing everything trying.

I would just like to say thanks again to everyone for allowing me to share memories with you, your families and your friends that will last a lifetime. I LOVE the atmosphere of the Jeep Jamboree and how everyone no matter what they do or how much they know they are willing to talk to anyone about a Jeep or a Jeep story they once lived. I look forward to my next Jeep Jamboree and the meeting of more friends.

Thanks Again
Mark Toye
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Customer Rating Ouachita Falls Oct 2005
Date: Oct 27, 2005
Reviewer: A JeepReviews.com User from (Katy, TX)
Granted, this was only my second Jamboree, but I thought the trails were great. The only reason I am giving it a 7 is for the hotel food and lodging. The trails were tough - very rocky and narrow from the trees. It was definitely challenging. The guides were great; the only suggestion there would be to move things along a little faster in the morning so we can get to Jeeping sooner. All in all - a great trip.
This review is the subjective opinion of a JeepReviews user and not of JeepReviews.com.