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Pennsylvania - Poconos Big Boulder Jeep Jamboree

This Jeep Jamboree takes place in Blakeslee, Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania - Poconos Big Boulder Jeep Jamboree

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Pennsylvania - Poconos Big Boulder Jeep Jamboree - Reviews

Customer Rating nice location
Date: Oct 07, 2004
Reviewer: A JeepReviews.com User from (Pennsylvania)
My wife and I attended this event back in 2000 (1st time held at this location). This was my first Jeep Jamboree. I attended in a stock XJ and it had rained for 3 days straight. I had some previous off roading experince, but I think the trails were a little much for my stock XJ and AT tires. The 101 course was a lot of fun and I would recommend attended the 101 event if you are relatively new to wheeling or if you are attending in a stock Jeep. The trail guides are very nice, helpful, and friendly. The 3-4 rated trails are pretty muddy. If you are attending an event such as this for the first time, I would recommend getting a good set of mud tires and a few skid plates before you go. I think the fees are a little high (about $300 per person) and it gets to be an expensive vacation for a family (even a 2 person family). The meals are pretty good and the free stuff is a bonus, but the prices for Jeep Jamborees are still a little high. If you aren't afraid to spend a little money, the Jamboree is definately a lot of fun.
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