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Superwinch LP8500 Winch

Brand: Superwinch
Features: The Superwinch LP8500 is an entry-level electric winch that is designed to provide solid features and a strong value. The LP8500 winch features a 4.5HP series wound electric motor, 3-stage planetary gears, a 235:1 gear ratio, and a free-spooling lever shift clutch. The remote control on this winch is 12-foot rubber handheld remote and the standard winch rope is 94-foot 5/16" wire cable. The winch itself weighs in around the 75lb mark and it has a stated line speed of 3.5 FPM (1.1 MPM) on an 8500lb pull.

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Superwinch LP8500 Winch

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Customer Rating Superwinch LP8500 Review
Date: Apr 12, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Scottville, MI)
I started my winch search looking for a cheap inexpensive winch. I looked at a Mile Marker and read review after review saying to spend a little more and get something better. Believe me, looking at reviews of what you want to get before you make a purchase will make a HUGE difference. So as i continued looking for something a little more rugged that would hold up better than a piece of _ _ _ _ winch. I finally found a winch that fit my budget and the weight class i was looking at. Thats how i landed on the SUPERWINCH LP 8500. It has an 8500lb pull capacity which was for sure enough to pull my 95 ZJ out of problems that I put it into. The winch comes with all the necessary hardware and even a 12 foot handheld remote that you can put on the winch and still have cord to spare inside your vehicle.

I installed the winch in no longer than 2 hours in running the wires and bolting it down to the winch plate. The install is pretty straight forward and the directions are very clear. I installed this winch mid-winter where i live and in no time i handed the winch its first challenge. I strapped the back of my jeep with a thick choker strap to a nearby power pole to anchor my jeep as i pulled a car stuck in the snow almost 30 feet down a ditch onto the road across from my jeep. Throughout the winter i got 3 more pulls with the winch all without a single problem. It wasnt until recently that i needed to recover myself. The most recent up a giant hill with multiple drops, exposed roots and trees and to top it all off the ground was still frozen so i couldnt get a good bite with the tires. I wanted up that hill NOW and i ran the winch for a good 5+ minutes straight. The winch was barley warm to the touch and when i got done i respolled the winch all without hesitation from the winch.

This winch has already paid for itself in the short time Ive had it and i highly recommend it to the jeep community. My only thing I wish that was different about the winch is the spool rate. I wish it was a little faster, but i guess slow and steady wins that race. I feel that this is a great all-purpose winch for jeeps. The 8500lb pull capacity will pull almost any jeep out of troubled areas as it has saved my a$$ multiple times. This winch is simply amazing.
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