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Bestop Sailcloth Replace-a-Top

Brand: Bestop
Features: Bestop Sailcloth soft tops are supposed to be the quietest soft tops made. These Jeep soft tops are made with multi-ply sailcloth fabric to keep the top tight and reduce wind and road noise. Kits come complete with soft top, windows, and optional door skins. Bestop Sailcloth soft tops are available with tinted windows and come in styles to fit Jeep Wrangler JK, TJ, and YJ.

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Bestop Sailcloth Replace-a-Top

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Bestop Sailcloth Replace-a-Top - Reviews

Customer Rating Holds Water
Date: Jul 02, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Portland, OR)
After 6 years of dealing with the trails and weather in the Pacific Northwest, I realized the factory soft top on my Rubicon had finally seen enough. So I purchased a Bestop Sailcloth Replace-a-Top. Instillation was fairly easy, the most difficult parts were snapping the fabric around the rear bow and getting the factory tailgate bar to work with the Bestop rear window. After the instillation was complete I immediately noticed there seemed to be to much slack between the windshield header and the center bow. As soon as I took it on the freeway with the window down it snapped like a flag in the wind. It rained last night which caused water to pool between the windshield and the center bow. The water was over an inch deep near the side and maybe up to 3 inches in the center. As soon as I sat in the Jeep the water started pouring off in a steady stream like water from a hose. I had to wait with the door open so I didn't soak the inside of the door. After 4 or 5 seconds the water slowed to the point were it was going to run inside, so I closed the door and ended up soaking it along with myself. When I called Bestop customer service, I was told that I would need to attempt to fix the issue myself before they would send me a new top. The instructions they gave me were to remove the screws from the windshield header, then wrap the fabric around the header then screw through the fabric into the header. I haven't done this yet, but in my opinion this is an extremely ghetto way to fix something. She then told me that this was a very common issue, and that even if she were to send me a new top I wasn't going to be happy because the new top would have the same issue. She also said that all after market tops tend to stretch a lot more than factory tops. So water pooling is very common for all after market soft tops. I looked at every Jeep picture on their website, and none of them show the amount of slack/drooping that mine has.
I've also just realized that if I wrap the fabric around the header to remove the slack, I'll be covering the header latches. So I won't be able to close the top! Bestop should not be telling people how to fix the issue, they should be fixing this issue on their end before the tops are made!
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Customer Rating Bestop Sailcloth R.A.T
Date: Jun 19, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Holland, MI)
I have a 97 Wrangler, my spice colored soft top had lived a full life and then some. I bought a black sailcloth Replace-A-Top with tinted windows. It installed easily in about an hour. My Jeep is so much quieter now, It feels like I have a hard top. The top is a little more expensive than other soft tops, but well worth it.
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