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Bestop Upper Door Sliders

Brand: Bestop
Features: The Bestop Upper Door Sliders allow you to have convenient sliding windows in the soft doors of your Jeep. The windows easily slide open from front to back, unlike the plastic zippered windows of old. These Bestop sliding windows are for use on Jeep TJ's with steel half doors. The upper sliders are compatible with Bestop Supertop, Sunrider, or factory soft tops. Bestop notes that 2001+ Jeeps come from the factory with different soft top material and will not exactly match the fabric of the upper door sliders.

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Bestop Upper Door Sliders

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Bestop Upper Door Sliders - Reviews

Customer Rating Bestop Upper Door Sliders Good Investment
Date: Sep 29, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Chicago, IL)
Living in Chicago and it's seasons (winter and construction),and having a preference towards the look and feel or running with soft top year-round, the Bestop Upper Door Sliders are a perfect fit for me.

I just replaced my worn OEM hardware and upgraded to a Bestop Supertop in spice for my hunter green '98 Jeep Sahara. The top came with the frame, top, and door uppers for my half doors. The door uppers that came with the top are of the large zippered window variety, and it's what I call my "summer" (construction season) doors. I prefer them due to the fact that they can open all the way if needed, and I can take them off and easily put them in the back of the Jeep when going topless.

Back to the Upper Door Sliders....these are my "winter doors" as they match the color of my top perfectly (spice), seal nicely, lessen road noise, and provide for a glass window that I can use a scraper on for icy/snowy days. Also, I can open the window if needed on the coldest of days without concern of cracking a window made of plastic.

Anybody else out there love the smell of a soft top?
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Customer Rating Bestop Upper Slider Spice/Tinted
Date: Mar 05, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Denver, CO)
Excellent upgrade if you are tired of the flapping plastic factory doors. Mine Bestop's replaced 98 factory 1/2's - I should have done it YEARS ago. Cab noise is reduced significantly. A "sure thing" and "wise upgrade" if the world of Jeepin'. Be sure to keep those plastic doors just in case you need them.
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Customer Rating Good and Bad Features
Date: Oct 02, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (Olympia, WA)
Been riding with these for almost 4 years now. Gone is the floppy OEM factory plastic that scratches easy. I believe these have also been a good theft deterant as thieves love the plastic windows to cut through but dislike glass to break. Downside is less visiability and less open air feel. Quadtratec shipped mine out with 2 (one per window slider) broken latches but I kept mine as they still functioned.
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