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Rock Hard 4x4 Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier

Brand: Rock Hard 4x4
Features: This rear bumper & tire carrier from Rock Hard 4x4 is made from 3/16" x 2" x 4" thick tubing. The bumper comes with d-ring shackles mounts which are welded on the front, continue through the bumper, and are welded again on the backside. The bumper comes standard with a horizontal Hi-Lift jack mount. The tire carrier is recommended for up to a 38 inch tire. This bumper is available in versions to fit Jeep TJ, JK, XJ, YJ, and CJ.

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Rock Hard 4x4 Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier

Avg. Customer Rating: (7.6 Stars) Average Customer Rating
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Rock Hard 4x4 Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier - Reviews

Customer Rating The perfect hind end for my jk
Date: Feb 28, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Park City, Montana)
We purchased the bumper-tire carrier combo with added jerry can mounts and rack. Overall the craftmanship is a+ and install was easy. The only weak item was the powder coating but I carry a can of flat black bbq paint to mend them. Price was fair for a quality usa product and by shopping around you can ease the wallet pinch. Also it makes heads turn and second looks. You won't go wrong by installing these items on tour jeep. Also it rides pretty quiet and latches are secure.
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Customer Rating Great Bumper/Tire Carrier - RockHard 4x4
Date: Mar 26, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Issaquah, WA)
I have been very happy with this rear bumper / tire carrier combo. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this unit and it matched all of my criteria: heavy duty swing-out, hold-open mechanism for the tire carrier swing-out, easy to open/close, CB antenna mount, Hi-Lift mount, shackle mounts, compact size to aid departure angle, a hitch receiver with safety chain mounts so I could tow my motorcycle trailer, and finally, decent looks. The only down side in my opinion is the price, but to me it was worth it since I'm not able to do any metal fabricating myself and the other bumpers on the market didn't meet all of my needs. I decided to purchase the frame tie-in kit which I think is a necessity. The unit came in two well-packaged boxes, the powder coating is decent, the directions were easy to follow, and it took me about 4 hours with a helper to remove my existing tow package, stock bumper / tire carrier, and install the new hardware. You could do the install alone, but it would take quite a bit longer and probably require jackstands. I've had the unit on my Jeep for over a year now with absolutely no complaints. It is quiet, opens with one finger, closes like a car door with its double-shear latch, and has held up to some pretty serious rock hits dropping off of ledges off-road with only a couple chips to the powder coat. On top of all that, the company offers jerry can mounts and a rack as optional accessories that you can add later if you want. I definitely recommend Rock Hard's bumper/tire carrier combo if these are the traits you are looking for.
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Customer Rating Ok, but disappointing install
Date: May 13, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Northern Colorado)
Bought mine on Mar. 26th, 2009. No instructions came with it. Not thinking anything of this, proceeded to install, discovered width was off and had to chisel off the stock rear plastic fender guard retaining tabs, off the body. Also had to buy a 4" grinder and grind off a 1/2" of the top inside edge on each side piece in order to gain clearance to fit. Took 3 weeks and five or six tries to finally get it to fit. Called to see if there were supposed to be instructions included (there were), whereupon they faxed me the wrong ones. For $600, should be better than this.
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Customer Rating Best money I have spent
Date: May 24, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Ventura, CA)
I can say I have put $14,000 dollars in my jeep in after market parts and by far this is the best product i have bought.
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Customer Rating rattletrap
Date: May 17, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (California)
Installed this bumper with the tire carrier and cannot get it to stop rattling. tried more washers etc to get it to snug up to the bump stop bar got it bearable. Seems to have moved after 4 months cause its back to its old tricks. The bumper is fine. The carrier sucks!
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Customer Rating Great Bumper/Worth the Money
Date: Dec 02, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (IL)
I don't have the tire carrier version, but just the bumper part, This is a great bumper for the cherokee! The welds are beautiful, angles are perfect for sliding off rocks, D-ring mounts are straight and aligned, the receiver is a nice feature if you tow somethin. One thing they don't tell you is not only does it mount to the 8 bumper holes, But mounts to the factory hitch holes as well with 2 plates with prewelded nuts on them, making for a REALLY strong mount.(so your hitch will have to go) Reason for the 9 being the finish is a bit thin, but doesn't really matter cause its all scratched up from rocks anyhow, a little rattlecan touches it right up. Also there was a little sheet metal interference with my jeep, the metal right below the bottom of the hatches weather stripping, but an air nibbler fixed that right up(you could use a hammer too). The mounting hardware it comes with is grade 5, prolly fine, but I replaced it with grade 8. Great bumper, I'm now gonna buy the front one too! (btw if your jeep is older and/or in the salt belt all 8 of those bumpers bolts prolly will break off)
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Customer Rating great bumper/tirecarrier
Date: Sep 25, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (Arroyo Grande, CA)
this tire carrier/bumper is of the highest quality. Everything about this carrier is heavy duty. the instructions were straight forward and accurate, though the bag of hardware was missing the very important nut welded to a metal tab, as i was already in the middle of the install at 11pm and had to drive it to work the next morning, i was able to cut down a 17mm flare wrench and beat it over a nut and made it work, i was going to replace it with the proper nut welded to a tab, but didn't find it neccesary. i also went with the optional gas can mounts which also went together nicely. this rack makes zero noise. no rattles, no squeaks, nothing. overall the rack is great, my only complaint, and the reason for nine stars is the powder coating could be better, i found it to be thin. i decided it is mounted to a jeep, and will get scraped up no matter how thick the powder coating, however rock hard does offer the option of bare steel, for less money and leaves you the option of having it done yourself.
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Customer Rating Rock Hard - FOR SURE
Date: Aug 27, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (Denver, Colorado)
After reviewing many different bumper/tire options for my XJ, I have been thrilled with this tire carrier and bumper. Sloped and angled underside, so you slide off any rocks. This rear bumper actually wraps around, protecting the back corners and quarter panel. It has a built in "lock-open" feature along with a "slam-shut" latch, much like a car door. Easy installation instructions and perfect fit. I'd strongly recommend this unit.
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