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Bestop 2-Piece Jeep Hard Top

Brand: Bestop
Features: This unique Jeep top is great in summer and winter. The roof of the hard top is in two separate pieces allowing the front section to be removed during good weather. The front section of the hard top can be stored on the roof if optional storage rack is purchased. When the front section of the hard top is removed, both driver and passenger are exposed to the sun, but the rear cargo area remains covered.

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Bestop 2-Piece Jeep Hard Top

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Bestop 2-Piece Jeep Hard Top - Reviews

Customer Rating It Leaks...
Date: Mar 08, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Tampa, FL)
I have had my top for almost 4 years now. At first the top was fantastic! For the first couple weeks I had wind noise, but was able to adjust around that. After about a year, the top has warped a little and no longer fits properly. It leaks along the windshield channel (mostly on the passenger's right leg). I have removed the top trying to adjust anything that can be adjusted... still leaks. Not major... but in a heavy storm, I will have a puddle at the passenger side.

One other issue I have it that the doors are extremely hard to close completely now. The removable top overlaps the back section of the top and prevents the door from closing completely. Basically I have to push the doors shut at the handle (from outside) so that the bottom attaches to the latch for a safe ride. For $2000 this was not a good purchase. The removable section is too heavy and awkward to remove alone (Jeep is also lifted). Don't waist the money. Go with the 1 piece. I hear better reviews as there are less adjustments to be made.
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Customer Rating Overpriced junk
Date: Dec 20, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (LA, CA)
It leaks, squeaks and has a lot of wind noise through the sections where they join each other. After 2 years of trying to stop all the leaks, through every means possible, it's only seems worse.

The targa top is too heavy for most people to remove by themselves. It's rather awkward and cumbersome to remove even with too people and it easily gets damaged. Hard to put back on to get alignment correct.

Oh yeah, the top has warped as well from the sun, making it impossible to fit properly.

It is sturdier than the oem model, and looks cooler, however with the wind noise through the cracks it is noisier. AND IT LEAKS. I am sick of airing out my cd changer, and all my tools and gear.

Bestop customer service is RUDE and dodgy, they take NO pride in their workmanship and NO responsibility for their design flaws and poor workmanship.

If you want one, buy mine, it's for sale cheap!!!
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Customer Rating Wind noise annoying
Date: Aug 13, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Cleveland, Ohio)
I cannot get the rid of the wind noise from the front edge. I purchased the top so I could have a quieter cab but the front edge has a wind noise over 30 mph that is annoying. I have tried foam insulation but I cannot get stop it and I also contacted Quadratec where i purchased it and Bestop that made it and cannot get anyone to answer my concern. Disappointed that I spent the money and still have noise in the cab.
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Customer Rating Poor overall quality and design
Date: Nov 12, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (SF Bay Area, CA)
I bought this last year new from 4wd.

The top of the main body was faded due to probably the contact from the outside through weak packing materials. Since this is bulky item I did not bother to make the complaint.

The back window appears to be concaved too much and feels like it would break every time you slam on the tail gate.

The 4 interior latches are signincantly smaller and weaker than the stock one. You always wonder will the wind blow off my fron top or not.

The front top does not fit with my full doore well. As a result doors are difficult to close. And you can clearly see the weather striping are being screezed too much.

Don't buy this.

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Customer Rating Poor fit & finish
Date: Mar 22, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (Bend, OR)
I purchased the 2-piece Bestop hardtop after a lot of research and milling over options for my 2003 Jeep Rubicon. I purchased the hardtop from JCWHitney (and they ended up being great).
When I opened the crate, the gelcoat finish was so thin on the hardtop that you could see a white band across the top, I took a picture of it and sent it to Bestop.

Upon installing, the top never quite fit, it was supposed to overhang in the front corners by 1/4", it actually underhang by nearly 1/4" on each side; and the doors would never close correctly.

The rear liftgate hinges are hollow on the inside, so when I went snowboarding, the melted snow filled the hinges, when I opened the glass, the 2 shot glasses of hinges dumps water onto the backseat!

The corners by the door handles rubbed the gelcoat off within a week, showing the white fiberglass underneat. The clamps constantly came unlatched, I would retighten to the point it was very difficult to latch and a few days later they would be dangling loose. There were other problems as well...mainly in fitment, windnoise & quality of materials.

When I called Bestop they did not want to hear about the problems past the incorrect fitment and immediately told me to call JCW and tell them it was a warranty. I called JCW, told them not to bother replacing it. JCW sent out a call tag for pickup and the top went directly to a salvage yard from my house.

I had to pay the intial $100 for shipping to my home, and after only having the hardtop on my Jeep Rubicon for 2 weeks, it was $100 well spent to be rid of the top!
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Customer Rating Bestop 2 Piece Hardtop Review
Date: May 07, 2006
Reviewer: A User from (San Diego, CA)
The Best of Both World's isn't just an interesting video title. I have the protection of a hardtop in winter and the sun and wind in spring and summer.

Better engineered and thought out than Jeep's own hardtop. Pockets to store items in the overhead and completely carpet lined.

I also have the Bestop cargo racks and baskets and they help in carrying oversized items when I travel across country.

I think the fiberglass is much thicker than OEM

No complaints at all! NONE!
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