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Novak Shifter Assembly - SK2X

Brand: Novak
Features: This transfer case shifter is designed to improve shifting in Jeeps w/ suspension and body lifts. Works with several Jeep transfer cases such as 207, 231, 241OR, 242, and 4:1 conversion cases. Replaces factory linkage for cleaner shifting and to keep the transfer case from popping out of gear.

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Novak Shifter Assembly - SK2X

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Novak Shifter Assembly - SK2X - Reviews

Customer Rating Just use this shifter and end your shifting problems
Date: Dec 20, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (Freehold, NJ)
So you lifted your jeep, put a body lift on, got a belly up skid and now you can't shift your transfer case! Sound familiar. Just throw out all your stock transfer case linkage with it's four (4) yes four pivot points that is attached to your body! Yes transfer case on frame and shift linkage on the body. What a engineering blunder. Wether you are modified or stock buy this shift linkage. Easy install with one pivot point. Great feel and precise operation. Billet shift knob looks cool too. This likage bolts to your transfer case. Kinda makes sense. Be prepared to do some heating and bending of the shift rod. It comes with a bendable metal, shift rod for fabrication. then you use that bendable rod to actually see where to bend and cut the real shift rod. Not a hard job but does take some skill. You will need to have at least a plumbers tourch with a large tip and a vise for heating and bending. This is done out of the vehicle of course. Used on my 2005 TJ.
Novak shift assembly is great!
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