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ARB Air Lockers

Brand: ARB

  • Air-activated Jeep locker
  • Easy, switch activation
  • Requires an air compressor to activate locker
  • Available for Dana 30, Dana 35, Dana 44 Jeep axles

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ARB Air Lockers

Avg. Customer Rating: (8.1 Stars) Average Customer Rating
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ARB Air Lockers - Reviews

Customer Rating ARB "won" Lowest reliability Differential Lockers.
Date: May 19, 2017
Reviewer: A User from (Ness-Ziona Israel)
I have a 2 year old compressed air ARB locker. It is installed in my Nissan rear axle.
After 1 year, the ARB locker would take 3-4 activation to engage. After 2 years, the ARB locker may engage and may not, no matter how many times I tried...I also have a Toyota Land-cruiser and it's electrical activation locker is 13 years old with NO FAILURE at all.

A failing rear differential locker may result in a difficult off road outback towing...
I am an off road 4x4 tour guide and an off road 4x4 driving instructor. In 14 years of instructing and guiding, only once (not counting my Nissan), an original locker failed (on a Mitsubishi Pajero 95' model...
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Customer Rating ARB Lockers are the best.
Date: Jan 01, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Grand Junction, Colorado)
I have run ARBs in my '06 Rubicon (Happy Trails) for 4 years. I have installed several in other Jeeps as well. Looking at some other comments here, I see a "theme" appearing. "Poor Installation Practices" should not reflect on the product. Most products poorly installed will fail.

When properly installed, internal air leaks will not be a problem. Extreme care in routing the air lines to keep them safe from heat, rocks, and brush will keep you running when others quit. If there is a problem with the ARB locker, it has to do with oil pushing through the air line and into the switches which often causes problems. For my money, ARB is the best locker you can run.
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Customer Rating A big let down
Date: Feb 08, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Lees Summit, MO)
I have a arb air locker in the front dana 30 and the rear dana 44 they will work fine for a mouth or maybe 6 mouths and then get a air leak in them at the seal housing and well not lock the dana 30 has done this the most, people will say it is the install (preload on the carrier bearings) but I have had a lot of people that do gear set ups and diff set ups look at this and i have 15 year of working in the automotive trade. It is not the preload on the bearings that is the problem. I thank it is in the desigen of the locker and the seal housing, if you have a dana 30 or 35 I would not use the arb locker.
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Customer Rating Excellent product, poor install
Date: Aug 13, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Merced, CA)
I had 4WheelParts in Fresno, CA install my ARB's into my 2003 TJ (4.0L, NV3550, D30, Super35). Took them a full day. The front D30 pinion seal started leaking the next day. They reused the original seal as they didn't have a new one in stock during the install. I called them and they said bring it in, it's under warranty. They messed with it a couple different times and couldn't get the leak to stop. I ended up ordering a new seal from Jeep and had my local auto shop install it. No leaks since. Thank you SuperShop Automotive in Merced.

As far as the lockers themselves go, great product. It's nice to have an open diff in a SWB vehicle for street driving and wet weather/snow....but with the flick of a couple switches you have a full time locker at your disposal. Never actually "needed" either of the lockers yet, but they're there and ready when I need them.

I had an issue when 4wheeling where the front air line got pushed up against the exhaust manifold and melted (plastic line). I ordered a emergency line repair kit from Rusty's Off-Road and it was a snap to repair. The line is a little shorter now, but still enough slack to flex with the sway-bars disco'ed.
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Customer Rating I'm unstoppable now
Date: Oct 24, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Cupertino, CA)
Front and rear on my 98 tj. had them for a year now, and the jeep goes anywhere. I hear that air will start leaking soon, and that lines will get snagged, etc. hopefully this doesnt happen, but so far Im happy.

Oh, 4 wheel parts morons did the install, took them about 4 tries, as they learned/practiced on my rig. they were unable to install the tire inflation accessories and gave up. Learn from my misadventure and go to an experienced shop as these need to be installed correctly
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Customer Rating LOVE EM !!!
Date: Feb 22, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Crown Point, IN)
Work great. Love em. Quiet they are there everytime you need then without any trouble, and the extra added value of now having onboard air supply. Up graded to them after Detroit Locker blew up on me on the trail
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Customer Rating Great As Far as I'm Concerned
Date: Nov 06, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (Clinton, Utah)
I love my ARB's. I have them front & rear in my 74 Ford 1Ton & my Jeep XJ. They have been in the truck for about 12 yrs & the XJ about 4 yrs. No problems. They have always worked. Never an issue.
I've driven in deep powder & hardpack snow, deep mud (bottom of my doors. I have a four inch lift & 38's in my truck, thru brush, over logs, etc, ...... no problems).

I've heard the seals inside will leak, but changing the diff oil once a year cures that problem. Being prior military, vehicle maintenance is second nature, therefore, changing fluids is no big deal.

I highly recommend the ARB's. I like them much better than the Detroit locker & Tru-Trac I had before. I've never been around the Electric-Locker or the OX Locker to compare the ARB's to, but for me, it's ARB's.
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