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BDS 3.5" Glide-Ride Suspension Lift

Brand: BDS
Features: Typical kit includes:

  • Glide-Ride leaf springs
  • Front sway bar links
  • Track bar relocation brackets
  • Bump stop contact brackets
  • U-bolts
  • Urethane bushings
  • Transfer case drop kit
  • Rear pinion shims
  • Brakeline relocation brackets
  • Drop pitman arm

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BDS 3.5" Glide-Ride Suspension Lift

Avg. Customer Rating: (9.0 Stars) Average Customer Rating
Number of Reviews: 2 reviews

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BDS 3.5" Glide-Ride Suspension Lift - Reviews

Customer Rating GREAT YJ LIFT!!!
Date: Jun 01, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Victoria, B.C.)
I was going to get a rubicon express lift for my 1991 jeep yj ,6cl,5speed(ax15)with 231tcase,but decided to go with the BDS 3.5 what a great choice it was not only did i not have to wait 3weeks to get it it was shipped out on monday and installed by friday(Victoria spring in victoria b.c.canada.

The ride is way nicer than stock i gained 4.25 inches in the rear and 5 in the frnt it should settle by 1/2 inch but its great (my gains were because stock springs were getting flat)the only thing i dont like about this kit is it should come with frnt discos standerd not as an ad-on
the kit complete with shocks cost me $1060.97
canadian,now i can fit 33 under it ,THE THING YOU SHOULD GET FIRST is a slip yolk eliminator kit($400)and a cb drive shaft($20-400)the vibrations and fluid leeks will just get worse i should have gotten on first ,but hey live and lern you can get a frnt drive shaft fron a xj (tube styl not solid)and have it cut to fit for about 1/4 the price of new

Overall this is a great lift for the buck would do it again !!!
Victoria B.C.
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Customer Rating I like this lift
Date: Feb 23, 2005
Reviewer: A User from (Virginia)
Good road manners, does a great job off road. Nice flex. From what I hear thier lifetime warrenty is the real deal, no first experianced here though. Unless budget is a huge factor I couldn't see getting a less expensive lift. For a 3.5" lift this is the one to have.
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