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Rock Krawler 5.5" Severe Duty Long Arm System

Brand: Rock Krawler
Features: Typical kit includes:

  • 4 coil springs
  • 4 shocks
  • 4 double-adjustable lower long arms
  • Long arm brackets
  • Adjustable front upper torque arm
  • Torque arm bracket
  • Adjustable front track bar
  • Rear upper triangulated 4 link arms
  • Rear triangulated 4 link mounting cradle/axle truss
  • Adjustable front swaybar disconnects
  • Rear extended sway bar links
  • Stainless steel brake lines
  • Allows your Jeep TJ to fit up to 35" tires

Owner Reviews

Rock Krawler 5.5" Severe Duty Long Arm System

Avg. Customer Rating: (6.3 Stars) Average Customer Rating
Number of Reviews: 6 reviews

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Rock Krawler 5.5" Severe Duty Long Arm System - Reviews

Customer Rating Not to happy
Date: Apr 26, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Pittsburgh, PA)
For starters i ordered the 5.5" long arm kit. When i recieved it i was missing the lower control arms. Then i had to call and they sent me them two weeks later. So i take some time off work to get my jeep all torn down and as i started to put the front end together is where the problems started. First thing the lower arms they sent were both for the drivers side. So i had to call again. So i called and talked to a guy and he said to email pictures. So i did. Then it took two days to get a reply, another week to get the right arm.

So i figured i was good and ready to finish it. Wrong. I put the springs in and get the axle up in place to put the shocks on and ran into another problem. The size they said to use for the shocks was wrong. I had ordered procomp mx6 shocks and they were fully compressed before i ever let the jack all the way down. So as of right now i'm still waiting on an answer about that from there very lousy customer service. I'll be sure to update with more info.
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Customer Rating Newest Generation X Factor long arm kit
Date: Jul 18, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Glen Lyon, PA)
I have had this kit on my wrangler rubicon for about 3 weeks now and I have had no problems with it so far. The kit handles great on the road and flexes incredibly off road. The kit was fairly easy to put on but time consuming. It took me and a few friends about 40 hours to install in my driveway. I did everything but the tailpipe for the exhaust. This kit has gone through a few changes for the better from the first generation kits and I would recommend it to anybody. Still the strongest kit on the market with the best Price.
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Customer Rating Rock Krawler X-Factor Bent Arm Pavement Manners
Date: Jan 14, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (Southwest, Texas)
My Jeep is great off road but handles like crap on the pavement. I put this kit on my brand new $28,000.00 plus dollar Rubicon with just 3000 miles on it. Now I am stuck with it. I handles like a worn out dump truck. I have tweaked and re-tweaked it. The bent arms do not want to stay in place no matter how tight you get the nuts. In my opinion the kit has a terrible lack of engineering. Just wait until you snap off one of the cute little grease zirks. They are impossible to locate. Forget about going to your local hardware store. Customer service at Rock Krawler will be glad to sell you one for 50 cents plus $6.00 S&H. I hope you have better luck with your 5.5 X factor system then I am having with mine. If I had a second chance I would put any other system but Rock Krawler. It may work for the person who trailers his rig but its not going to make you happy if you care how your Jeep handles
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Customer Rating Really good kit
Date: Jul 27, 2006
Reviewer: A User from (Jacksonville, NC)
First off, this is the first Jeep Suspension lift I have owned on the second Jeep I have owned so take this review as you will. This kit is really an all-around great kit. I got the one with the weld in rear cradle that was welded together really well. The upper and lower control arms look about unbreakable. About the only thing I would advise someone to do is upgrade the quick disconnects as I bent mine the first weekend. Other than that, this kit is worth every penny.
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Customer Rating Good Kit, Needs some things
Date: Dec 05, 2005
Reviewer: A User from (PA)
This is a great kit, I did it myself (minus the welding). The instructions look like they were translated from Japanese (punctuation, spelling, etc). it is important to note the 2 differant 'spacer' sizes, it is also a good idea to weld the front track bar relocation braket to the frame, as after every time from Paragon I would have to re-tighten them. Its a GREAT kit for the money. I will write better instructions for it sometime...
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Customer Rating 5.5 RK long arm
Date: Nov 11, 2005
Reviewer: A User from (cape cod, mass)
This kit was fairly easy to install. an extra set or two of hands is a big help. this kit has more then enough flex. theres only a few things i dont like about it. first and biggest thing is that they say you can reuse the stock bolts for the LCAs front and rear on the frame side of the LCAs. thats a bunch of bull..i used them and the flex joints had so much play. off road on the smallest bumps would rattle your teeth. ive since put some 10.9 grade 14mm blts in place of the stocks and its a night and day differance. for some reason the stock bolts have a collor on them and are slightly thinner at the treds. and there is where the joint sits. the new bolts are 14mm across the hole bolt. 2nd is the lack of bushings, its realy makes for a stiff ride. you really feel everything when on road. i only have a few hundred miles on the new spring. i dont know if they will soften up any. they probly will a liltle. and i had a spring fall out on me twice. i made up some retaners that hold the bottom of the spring to the axle and its fine now.

bottom line is if you want a kit with flex RK long arm is the way to go if you dont mine a stiff ride. you need to have a liltle more still then the drive way mich. last tip..if you install this in a garage make sure it will fit out the door when your done. mine made it by an inch;]
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