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Warn Winch - 9.5 XP Extreme Performance

Brand: Warn

  • 9,500 lbs of pulling power
  • Longest duty cycle and fastest line speed of any Warn winch under load
  • High Output Parallel Series Wound winch motor
  • 6 hp motor, 3-stage planetary gearing
  • Full face contact drum seals, motor and end housing gaskets deliver extreme-duty water resistance

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Warn Winch - 9.5 XP Extreme Performance

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Warn Winch - 9.5 XP Extreme Performance - Reviews

Customer Rating Absolutely Dependable
Date: Jan 03, 2006
Reviewer: A User from (Seattle, WA)
I've used this winch over the past year and a half on many off-roading outing. Most of the time these involve winching my friends and I up mountains or through mud muck. Never has there been any problem with the 9.5 xp. It's worked brilliantly these many months and I expect it will work great in the years ahead.

Line speed is very controlable under load and it has a speedy no-load retrieval speed for respooling in the cable after your finished with a winching operation. If you don't have a winch make sure you get a coupon code before you go wheeling, because you may need it.
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