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TeraFlex Belly Up Skid Plate

Brand: Teraflex

  • Increases ground clearance by up to two inches by replacing the factory skid plate with a lower-profile support
  • Made from 3/16" steel
  • A one-inch body lift kit is recommended with this product
  • Some exhaust adjustment may be necessary
  • Kit will require the use of the TeraFlex Short Shaft Kit
  • Available for Jeep TJ and Jeep YJ

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TeraFlex Belly Up Skid Plate

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TeraFlex Belly Up Skid Plate - Reviews

Customer Rating Great Set Up
Date: Jun 16, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Las Vegas, NV)
I installed one of these on my 01 TJ 4 years ago. It was work to install, all straightforward stuff and the instructions were clear,concise and detailed. Of course driveline angles must be dealt with, it did not require any mods to transfer case linkage, and has worked perfectly ever since install. Through Moab, the Rubicon, and a lot of wheeling in Southern Nevada its been a winner.
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Customer Rating Better do some planning
Date: May 14, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (SLC, UTAH)
The belly up kit is actually pretty major surgery. Don't be fooled, you need a lot more than just the skid plate to make this work. I ended up adding the skid plate, compressor mount (for Rubicon), 1" body lift, CV drive shaft and rear upper control arms to get my drive train/pinion geometry correct again. After the initial install i had a ton of drive line vibration. So bad I parked it until i could get it fixed. It took some very trained professionals a lot of tweaking to finally get rid of it. The belly up ended up costing me about $1,200 for parts and labor after you figure all the other upgrades that go with it. I'm not saying it is a bad kit. But you better be prepared to upgrade your drive shaft, suspension arms and add a body lift to get it right.
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Customer Rating teraflex belly up skid plate
Date: Jul 03, 2005
Reviewer: A User from (laporte texas)
i have a 1997 tj sport with a 3 speed automatic i like the skid plate you will want to use all the parts that come with the kit like the transfer case shifter bracket then readjust your shifter to work properly ,i modified my drive shafts because i was also installing tera dana 60 crd's i also modified the wedge plate that you reuse from the orignal skid plate with now a sharper angle works good will know more after the rubicon trail run this summer i hope if the transmission work gets done in time its going to be a727/a999 torqueflight transmission by the way i also bent the belly pan not enough bracing
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Customer Rating TeraFlex Belly DON'T
Date: Mar 21, 2005
Reviewer: A User from (Sacramento, CA)
I installed this product on a '94 YJ. It created a major domino effect on things I had to change or modify behind the installation.

Use caution when considering this product.

TeraFlex writes a nice CYA, however, it does not include any mention of welding required. The sales ads say all of the buzz words of modifications that "may" be needed, but DO NOT state that welding is required. They also include some engine spacers, NO GOOD. So, consider these things when purchasing, above and beyond what TeraFlex advertises; 1" motor mounts, welding the provided spring perches to your axle (for correct dive line angle), and motor fan shroud clearence. Definately make some considerations before purchasing this product. I spoke with multiple 4x4 parts stores and installers and found only one person that has installed this product. Try and talk with someone that has installed this product, becase TeraFlex's instruction sheet is USELESS!
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