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Xenon EZ Mount Fender Flares

Brand: Xenon

  • Provide an extra 4 inches of wheel clearance
  • No drilling required for Jeep Wrangler installations
  • Made of flexible urethane

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Xenon EZ Mount Fender Flares

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Xenon EZ Mount Fender Flares - Reviews

Customer Rating Bolt On Install? Don't Believe It...
Date: Jan 01, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Washington, DC)
After 6 hours I just completed the 1-2 hour install time estimated for these flares - and I'm actually pretty mechanically inclined.

I received the flares, they were packaged well. I took them out and did rough line ups on my Jeep and they looked pretty good. Sent them off for painting and they came back matching to the Jeep like it came from the factory. I'm pretty happy up to this point.

The first step is to intall the side marker lights. I followed all the instructions to a T, and most of it was fairly straightforward. The last part was where I started encountering troubles, and it was a sign of things to come. The side marker lights screw into what they call 'posts' - basically they are two raised bumps of excess polyurethane - and they are not predrilled, nor can you easily predrill them given their recessed location. The side marker backer is supposed to simply screw in, but the posts were so hard that was nearly impossible. And to boot the predrilled holes on the backer didn't line up with the posts - this was to be a continued issue going forward. After much elbow grease I finally got the screws to thread and got the lights installed to the flare. So now I think the hard part is over. Not even close as it turns out.

I go to put the first rear flare on, bolts on relatively well - this lulled me into a false sense of security as his brothers had no intention of going on without a fight. The next rear didn't line up at all. I had to install one screw as an achor, then flex and bend every other screw hole to get it to align. I'm hoping that continued torque pressure won't cause me issues in the future.

The fronts were even more ridiculous. While polyurethane is a very durable material, it is also evidently very difficult to get it to stay in the intended form after it is cured. The inner side of the flare not only didn't line up on the screw holes again, but actually curled away from the fender sheet metal - so much so that I couldn't get the screws to thread. After numerous unsuccessful attempts I finally got a bottle jack to push the flare up into position and hold it, and then vice grips to pull the flare inside closer to the sheet metal. And I had to do this for almost every single screw hole. When it was finally on I again thought the worst was over so I completed the wiring of the side marker lights per instructions (and confirming the proper wiring on the Jeep Factory Service Manual). Turned on the lights. Nothing. Front marker lights are lit no issue, nothing on the flare marker lights. I disconnect the wires and validate there is juice coming to the marker light - there is. After the hassle of getting the 3 flares on to this point I have 0 desire to a) remove the flare b) remove the side marker lamp c) dissassemble the side marker lamp (which is now sealed with silicone sealant per the instructions). I simply couldn't justify another 1-2 hours on that field trip.

The last flare was just like the one above only twice as bad on the alignment. Even with the bottle jack and vice grips it refused to line up. I spent at least 15 minutes per hole coaxing it into position before it roughly fit. Didn;t even bother trying the side marker lamp - just taped it up and called it a day.

Bolt on application? Only if you consider walking across the state of Texas as an evening stroll.

- Extended fender height is great
- Cost is significantly less than other flare options of this type
- Easily paintable (although that is almost the cost of the flares themselves, be aware)

- Install
- Install
- Install

Things I would recommend if you choose to buy:
1) Take the side marker lamps, wire them, and test them inside the existing Jeep fender first. Only after they light there should you assemble, seal, and integrate them into the flare fully
2) Don't underestimate the time. Mine was 3-4 times what I expected
3) Be ready (and have the tools) to adjust and align these on the fly - I sincerely doubt other will line up that much better.
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Customer Rating Xenon Sport Flares
Date: Jun 19, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Holland, MI)
I bought a set of Xenon Flat Panel Sport Flares for my 97 Wrangler after seeing them in a couple different catalogs. They were over $400.00 but they really looked good. The adds said you can paint them or leave them black, but when I got them the directions said they had to be UV protected or painted. So I covered them with 303 Protectent like the directions said, then I noticed that all of the screws were not there for the side marker lights. I installed them anyway with screws that I had. The side markers are cheesy, the flares are not drilled for the lights, and within 2 days in 75 degrees the front flares started to sag alot. I was extremely disapointed with these flares. I took them back off of my Jeep and put my stock flares back on until I decide which ones I should get. But they won't be Xenons.
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Customer Rating Xenon Rocks!
Date: Aug 19, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Lost Angeles)
After installing 32x12.50x15 tires on my CJ, the factory flares weren't covering sufficiently. So I purchased the 6" Xenon flares because they take paint better than most other flares and they seem to be better at resisting impacts. They lined up perfectly with my tires, but one of the flares needed to be re-drilled because it didn't line up with the factory fender holes. Other than that, I am very happy with these flares. Note: If you are going to paint MAKE SURE the flares are sanded/scuffed well and that the paint has the proper additives to stick to the flare properly.
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Customer Rating Xenon EZ Flares for YJ
Date: Sep 15, 2005
Reviewer: A User from (Toronto ON.)
Great product. Fitted up with only minor work. They look stock but provide better coverage for the 31's and eliminated tire rub. They are also strong as my 14 year old uses them as a step to get in the back all the time. Highly recommended.
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