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Fabtech 2.5" Coil Spacer Lift Kit

Brand: Fabtech
Features: Typical kit includes:

  • Front & rear coil spacers
  • Fabtech shocks
  • Extended bumpstops

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Fabtech 2.5" Coil Spacer Lift Kit

Avg. Customer Rating: (8.0 Stars) Average Customer Rating
Number of Reviews: 3 reviews

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Fabtech 2.5" Coil Spacer Lift Kit - Reviews

Customer Rating Change your gear ratio
Date: Aug 08, 2007
Reviewer: A User from (Charlotte, NC)
I will give this lift kit an 8. The lift kit seems to perform well. Pricey but all of them are pricey. Now of course when you get a lift kit, a change in tires and wheels becomes inevitable. Can I make one suggestion if you decide to take this route? Either get all terrain tires, not mud tires or otherwise change you rear end gear ratio. When I got into my Jeep after the modification, I felt as if I were driving a 4 cylinder on 30 year old watered down gas. No, I am not being overdramatic. Trust me when I say to add this into your budget and if if does not fit into your budget do not get the lift kit because you will hate it.
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Customer Rating Good lift for starting Jeepers
Date: Sep 21, 2006
Reviewer: A User from (Republic, MO)
I've had this lift for about 6 months and it's been great. It'll get your stock rig up and looking good. I put this on my 06' Rubicon and left the 31" tires on. You could also do a 32" tire. I doubt you could put 33"s on there and have much room for flex. However man I can tell you I have some psycho flex as it is. About 5ft on an RTI ramp at 30*.

The ride didn't change from stock. On the trail this extra 2.5 inches really helped keep me from banging down on things and gave me better angles to go over things. One problem I have is that while it comes with a spanner wrench to adjust the height it's hard to do, near impossible really. Its hard to find a place to put the wrench to get enough leverage to move the spacers.

I'm going to a Rough Country 4" soon and while I've been very happy with this lift, it's not for someone thinking 33"s might be in the future. However if your looks for the "Jeep" look without going nuts this looks good, and performs well.
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Customer Rating FabTech lifted
Date: Nov 01, 2004
Reviewer: A User from (Pinole, CA)
Well finally got lifted...
I chose this route because I did not want to go so high that would require a SYE or get the vibes

It went on easily enough, well documented install instructions with pictures that helped...

Kind of pricey ($450) for a budget boost, and there was one of the spanner nuts was poorly machined and would not thread on the lift assembly. A call to Fabtech Customer Support put a replacement in the mail, no troubles after that.

I cannot sat that this lift is better than any other as it is the only one I have any experience with, but it rides nicely and did what I wanted it to do.
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