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Rubicon Express 3.5" Standard Lift Kit

Brand: Rubicon Express
Features: Typical kit includes:

  • 3" coils
  • Bumpstop extensions
  • Rear trackbar bracket
  • Swaybar disconnects
  • Rear swaybar end links
  • T-case lowering kit

Owner Reviews

Rubicon Express 3.5" Standard Lift Kit

Avg. Customer Rating: (7.1 Stars) Average Customer Rating
Number of Reviews: 9 reviews

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Rubicon Express 3.5" Standard Lift Kit - Reviews

Customer Rating '98 Grand Cherokee ZJ 3.5" lift no good.
Date: Feb 23, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Champaign, IL)
Went with the 3.5" springs for my '98 ZJ and have had nothing but disappointment. First off, the rear springs are bigger around than the spring perches. Could they still be used? Sure but when you pay for a product you sort of expect them to fit properly, which these did not. Finally got them traded in for a set of IronRock Offroad rear springs and guess what? The IRO's are more true to the 3.5" lift so now I have a rake in the stance of my Jeep. Had a rattling sound coming from the left front which I assumed was my sway bar rattling as I had not connected the quick discos yet. But guess what? Its not that. It is in fact the RE springs banging against the RE front trac bar relocation bracket. So now I will be swapping out the front springs for a set of IRO's as well. Perhaps this product works for other Jeeps but it did not work on my ZJ. Poor engineering or quality assurance. Stear clear of an unearned reputation and go with IRO's. Better price for an equivalent or better product.
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Customer Rating ZJ rear springs do not fit
Date: Jan 12, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Champaign, IL)
This review is only for the 3.5" springs for the ZJ Grand Cherokee. These springs seem to be made well and the front springs fit fine. The rear springs on the other hand do not fit at all. The ZJ takes a 5" rear spring and these springs are 5 1/2" springs. You can install them but they do not sit in the perch correctly and you can not install the spring retainer. Other ZJ owners have said that they simply made new retainers. I did not have access to a machine shop on this build. I had to take pictures and a short film to show that the springs did not fit. I purchased through a third party and they were very helpful but RE customer service/tech support was not. Luckily I was able to trade these springs out for a set of IRO springs which fit the perches just fine and I was able to install the spring retainers. The RE springs were either engineered wrong or quality control just doesnt give a hoot. I strongly urge you to look elsewhere if you are looking for rear springs.
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Customer Rating Good to start with
Date: Sep 07, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Salem, Oregon)
I'm going to start of buy saying I did a lot of research before getting this kit but not everything was extremely clear to me, so if your looking to buy this kit heres some things you should know.

1. You don't need an SYE/CV kit, but even with the T-case drop you do get driveline vibrations. So in my opinion plan to eventually get the SYE/CV kit.

2. Lower adjustable arms are a must to accurately fix your caster issues. The kit gives you negative caster due to the lift which causes my 04 TJ to wobble (like a grocery cart tire) at 35 to 40mph which is very annoying and a little to extreme for me. My steering wheel moves about 3" each way back to back. I tried using cam bolts to fix the caster but it just wasn't enough.

3. If disconnecting your sway bar is of interest to you, purchase the RE quick disconnect system. If not you'll be carrying tools with you just to connect them which is a pain when you just want to do it real quick.

Now as for the kit, it took me 3.5 hours to install with a buddy, we did have a lift but it went very smooth. RE's instructions seem decent and the parts are top notch.

It does have a stock ride like feel on road, but it a little stiff off-road. Its a great kit for the money!

I give the kit an 8, because I need to get lower arms and an SYE/CV kit to make my wobbles and vibrations to go away. Also plan on getting an alignment.
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Customer Rating tj rubicon express 3.5 standard kit
Date: Dec 26, 2005
Reviewer: A User from (Harrisonburg, VA)
First of all, I purchased the kit with shocks and delivery for 650 dollars all together. I was really happy when the kit arrived with all the parts intact at that bargin price.

My current set up is the 3.5in RE lift with a set of 32x11.50 BFG A/T on stock wheels. I'm driving a 97 tj 4liter with 85000 miles.

I would give this kit a 10 if it wasn't for instructions. But on the otherhand the guys at RE are a great help anytime you call them. The lift took me and a friend about 3 days to install due to some front axle problems that took a while to resolve. But they had nothing to do with the lift. Tools needed: floor jack, stands, basic hand tools, torx socket t-55 and t-45, and definetly coil compressors which you can borrow from advanced autos for free.

My Jeep rides like a sports car right now. The suspension is extra stiff and makes highway driving a lot easier. Its a little rough off-road, but its stiff springs live a lot longer then other brand name lifts. I would defently recommend this kit to my friends.

P.S. get your Jeep inspected before you get the lift, the stiff springs may not pass inspection (espcially in Virginia) for a while until you break them in. Good luck, you will truely enjoy the 3.5 standard kit for your tj.
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Customer Rating It Ok.
Date: Nov 24, 2005
Reviewer: A User from (San Antonio, TX)
Im happy I went with this kit, but there are some issues. You get 4" or better with this kit, but the front sits an 1 1/2 lower in the front on mine. The instructions stink, and the "disconnects" that it comes with have nuts and bolts to attach them to the axles. Thats not a disconnect to me.
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Customer Rating oapieyoffroad review
Date: Mar 26, 2005
Reviewer: A User from (Colorado Springs, CO)
Highly recommended for your 1st suspension upgrade.

Affordable and durable.

No need for a SYE or CV driveshaft which will save some cash.

Easily clears 33" tires.

Easy to self install (with minimum mechanical skills, took a buddy and I a weekend to install with no lift experiance).

Great flex with or without sway bar disconnects (with that said I would recommend adding discos and extended brake lines after some time to increase the flex).

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Customer Rating Good Kit for starters
Date: Sep 23, 2004
Reviewer: A User from (Fairfax, VA)
I gave this kit 9 stars. I liked the way RE had packaged the components in seperate marked boxes, and then shipped them in 2 larger boxes, instead of throwing all the peices in a box with styrofoam peanuts.
The install was easy and straight forward, After running this kit for 2 years now, the ride quality is still great, I'd almost say it has a "factory" ride quality, and off road flexibilty and durabaility has been excellent.
I would definatly purchase this kit again.
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Customer Rating Solid lift for the money
Date: Sep 22, 2004
Reviewer: A User from (Baton Rouge, LA)
The only reason I didn't give it 10 stars was because the sway bar disconnects are not that great and tcase drop wasn't enough to get rid of driveline vibes for me. Not that it mattered since I planned on getting an SYE anyway.
The kit flexes real well, is very tough offroad, but rides pretty stiff onroad. For the money, its a good lift and can be a great lift with a few additions. I haven't had any problems with the springs sagging and have been pleased with the durability of the lift.
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Customer Rating Bigger BB
Date: Sep 21, 2004
Reviewer: A User from (IL)
I purchased this lift simply because it was good bang for the buck, and that it has been. It gets only 8 stars because the RE directions suck HUGE. Lots of deciphering. I would still buy this lift again because it flex per dollar is great for those who cant afford a super flex kit.
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