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Sells a variety of parts for Jeep Wrangler, CJ, and Cherokee. Quadratec offers everything from soft tops and suspensions to turn signals and mirror brackets.

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The following is a response from Quadratec in regards to the reviews below:

My name is Frank Wosczyna and I am the Customer service Manager at Quadratec. I see some unresolved issues here and would like to offer to help make things right. Please feel free to contact me at or 800-745-6037 x331.

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Customer Rating Double price in shipping
Date: Apr 07, 2016
Reviewer: A User from (Temecula, CA)
I was trying to order two small items for a jeep, one for the left door and one for the right door, same item but left and right, the item will be shipped same box, same location and I have to pay double shipping, forget it. I do not deal with cheaters. Thanks. Going to order from another supplier.
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Customer Rating First and last time buying here!!
Date: Feb 25, 2016
Reviewer: A User from (Big Island, HI)
I bought a part for my 2001 Jeep wrangler: rear window for the Rampage Frameless Trail Top. According to the pictures posted in the Quadratec website, that was mine and mine shows the Ramapage logo. The part was $65 but they charged me $46 for shipping and handling... an excessive amount considering size and weight of the parcel. Anyway, it was my only choice.The same day I received the part I realized it was not the right item. As of today, after 20+ messages with plenty of pictures (sometimes I had to send three of four times given the strict constraints on the mail size despite you requested tons of pictures) I have ended up without any solution except a very unacceptable "Unfortunately this is our policy as it was your decision to purchase the item and have it shipped. I apologize for the inconvenience - have a nice day!" because I complained about the excessive S&H cost they are not willing to justify nor to refund. Buy at your own risk expecting parts that according to their low resolution pictures may be the ones you re looking for, sent to you at abusive S&H costs, with a really poor customer client service ending any discussion with unacceptable replies like the one I got
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Customer Rating Drop Ship Transcript of Customer Service Chat
Date: Nov 25, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Puyallup, WA)
Ordered Coils and Brake Lines - was notified of Back order on Coils and in stock for lines. I contacted them and cancelled the coils because they had no idea on ship date. Here is what I got on the drop ship after 10 days. This place has a pretty site with back end logistics systems on par with the 1980's. I will not use them again.

You are now chatting with 'Megan'
Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK1216904284966X
Megan: Hello. Welcome to the Quadratec Live Chat Service. How may I assist you?
Me: Where are these brake lines? Ordered 10 days ago. No update to status or tracking info.
Megan: Let me take a look for you. One moment please.
Me: Thank you Megan
Megan: I am sorry but these come directly from the manufacturer, not our warehouses. Unfortunately they are currently closed until after the holiday.
Megan: I am very sorry but I do not have an update for you at this time.
Megan: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Me: How long does an order like this from Crown typically take to deliver? As a large buyer from Crown you should be able to track shipping status
Megan: I am very sorry but it depends on stock availability. When an order comes directly from the drop shipper, we have to get the tracking directly from them. I do not have access to this as they are currently closed.
Megan: Please check back during normal business hours of 9am-5pm EST.
Megan: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Me: I am not too happy with the way this has gone. First time ordering. I ordered springs and these brake lines. Springs were back ordered and the brake lines have been in the same status for 10 days. I would have not ordered had I known this was going to be like this.
Megan: Unfortunately at this time we are unable to list stock on our website. This is due to us utilizing multiple warehouses. We also have many items that ship manufacturer direct. Please feel free to start a Live Chat session to verify stock prior to your purchase. You can also contact our Sales Team at 1-800-745-2348 to verify stock while placing an order. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Me: I want to cancel this order and get my money back.
Me: Your company took my money and has no product to provide nor any idea when it will ship.
Megan: We do not ship for orders until they are ship confirmed, so there is no refund at this time. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. We will gladly cancel this for you during normal business hours.
Me: Seriously? What does "we do not ship for orders until they are ship confirmed" mean?
Megan: When an item is on backorder or at drop shipper, we do not charge the customer until the item has shipped.
Megan: I am sorry for any inconvenience.
Me: I have been charged.
Megan: We get an authorization which acting like a pending charge but we do not draw from your account until the item ships completely.
Megan: The authorization will drop off in a few business days based on your credit card company and/or bank.
Me: So why can't this be cancelled now
Megan: We have to send the cancellation over to the manufacturer and get confirmation before we cancel it in our system.
Megan: They are currently closed so I cannot cancel it at this time.
Megan: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Me: You are a large provider of parts. They are a large producer of parts. You do not have a way of reviewing the shipping status electronically and no way of cancelling without talking to a human during business hours?
Megan: Normal business hours are 9am-5pm EST and with the holiday tomorrow, it is subject to change.
Me: But I could order this part from your site in seconds without any issue.
Megan: And I am sorry but we have to confirm it so we know it won't ship out to you.
Megan: I am very sorry sir.
Me: In this day and age - this might be the best example of how not to handle logistics. Your company is backing a tech site with logistics practices from the 1980's
Megan: Please contact us during normal business hours of 9am- 5pm EST at 800-745-5337 EST for further assistance.
Megan: Thank you for chatting. Good-bye.
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Customer Rating Surprised at long hold times...
Date: Aug 18, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Metro Washington DC)
I called today to return a gadget that I received as a gift from my wife three months ago, ( a ceiling hoist). I had tried unsuccessfully to call three times to arrange and return (each time I had to give up after about 20 minutes on hold).

Even though this is longer that 30 days they said as long as this is in the original packaging - no problem. This is the Quadratec I remember. I have been a customer for eight years and never experienced poor customer service before.

I asked the technician what was going on (I recognized his name and voice from the many times I have dealt with them over the years). He told me that there are 4000 Jeeps sold per week and, they along with all the parts suppliers, were caught completely by surprise by a HUGE increase in demand.

I was told they are sorry but don't bother trying to call on Mondays until they move into their new facility and have room to hire more telephone service reps (which should happen in a month or so)... Try Tuesday instead.
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Customer Rating Wait forever
Date: Jul 01, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Springfield, MO)
Placed my order 2 weeks in advance for some parts to go on my jeep for dog security to make my vacation pleasurable. Surely a reputable company such as Quadratec could have my parts to my by 2 weeks of order date. Think again. Had to take roadtrip without my cargo restraint for dog. After my return I called Quadratec once again and as usual 10-15 min wait and received the ol "The parts should be in our warehouse within 1 to 2 days", lie. I canceled my order of course and headed on over to who when called picked up the phone first ring, got my parts 80.00 cheaper and said they'd be delivered middle of next week. If a company cannot deleiver parts in a timely manner these parts shouldn't be advertised on their website. This is the longest I've ever waiting and not received an order and also the first negative feedback I've ever left in my entire life for a company of any type. Who knows how long I would have waited if I would have let it continue, maybe months like some others. . With so many reviews of this type maybe you should take time to figure out how to fix your company before its too late.
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Customer Rating Shipping always wrong
Date: Jun 29, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Spanish Fork Utah)
I have ordered a couple of times now from quadratec and each time they have messed up on the order and it takes forever to get a hold of someone to try and resolve the issue.

It ends with me having to send stuff back to them because they didn't send me the right things to begin with. It just takes a lot more effort than it should to receive what you first ordered.
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Customer Rating Terrible 1st purchase experience
Date: May 26, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Columbus, OH)
I ordered a cargo mat and rear floor mat for my '13 2 door JK. Everything seemed to be in stock and the right fit for my vehicle. After a couple weeks without an update on my items shipping I called (and waited 10 mins to get a hold of someone) who told me that the parts were being manufactured and would be another 3-4 weeks prior to them being ready. If I would've known that I never would've bought them in the first place, but I went ahead and waited for the order.

My items finally arrived about when they'd said they would, but they shipped me items for an Unlimited- not my two door. I called (again waited on hold 10 mins) and requested return labels for the two boxes to ship them back for a refund. They sent me only one return label, and now I'm going to have to call again...and wait 10 get another label. Im sure most Jeep owners are loyal like me, and would rather spend our money with a Jeep-oriented company like Quadratec over an Amazon. I honestly will not be able to purchase anything else from them again after this 1st experience and would strongly caution anyone else from doing so.
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Customer Rating Poor quality control with branded product
Date: May 15, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Pinckneyville, IL)
Recently purchased a QR3 front and rear bumper with hitch. The hitch does not match the color of the bumper. The mounting holes are off due to poor quality control. The bumper to hitch mounting is extremely sloppy requiring washer shimming to prevent bending the mounting tabs. Again, a quality control issue.

Contact Quadretec via chat and they simple stated some applications require reaming of holes, then conveniently dropped the chat session. Poor customer service and poor quality control.

Will seek other suppliers for Jeep parts.
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Customer Rating Horrible!
Date: May 12, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Grand Rapids Mi)
Don't bother calling Quadratec. No one will answer. Call the 1-800 # or the local number in Pa and you will listen to an automated system as long as you wish. I have waited up to 1 hour before giving up. Email? Another joke. Shipping info? Yet another fail on Quadratec's part. They will sell you items that are not even being produced yet. Order something and PAY for it and the item is available on the website and there is a chance that the item is on back order/has been on back order or is no longer in production. God only knows when you will get contacted letting you know that they have failed.
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Customer Rating On Hold for 20 Minutes
Date: May 05, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Indianapolis)
I have been researching Jeep parts for a few weeks. I decided to buy about $1000 worth of parts from Quadratec. I called at 7PM on a Tuesday. The first call I was on hold for 10 minutes and then disconnected (read - I was hung up on). The second call I was on hold for 9 minutes and then sales picked up the phone. I hung up and will never call back.
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Customer Rating Great to deal with
Date: Apr 30, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Berlin,Md)
Being in the auto industry for 30 years.Quadratec is one of the best around.Fast shipping and great people to deal with.Easy returns and quick customer service.We only deal with Quadratec for all our Jeep needs.
Rob-Truck Gallery
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Customer Rating Broken Part
Date: Apr 26, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Phoenix, AZ)
Ordered a Rugged Ridge bug deflector. As usual with Quadratec, part was drop shipped from manufacturer (do they actually inventory any parts?). Card board box not in great shape, and when deflector removed one of the tabs was broken off making the part useless. Took over a week before Quadratec would send a FedEx call tag for return. Now its' been over 10 days sent the broken part was received by Quadratec and still no credit to my charge card. NO MORE OF MY BUSINESS
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Customer Rating Horrible
Date: Apr 09, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Saint Louis )
Look up customer satisfaction online. Seriously, it's not worth it. Buy somewhere els. This place SUCKS.
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Customer Rating False advertising
Date: Apr 02, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Las Vegas, NV)
They advertise one price in their catalog when you call to buy it they tell you its a miss print and have a new higher price and are rude about it. im sorry any other store will honor the advertised price miss print or not
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Customer Rating Slow shipping and bad custumer service
Date: Mar 13, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Myrtle Beach, SC )
I order some taillight for my YJ and the web site show free shipping over $75. The shipping is via fedex postal service. The worse ever. One week to deliver from PA to SC. Call to stop the order and change the shipping method and they want to charge me for another taillight. Will never purchase from them!!!! Ever!!
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Customer Rating Terrible customer service and worst shipping in USA
Date: Jan 23, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (BHC Arizona)
Quadratec were lousy to deal with, I paid for fast air shipping service costing almost as much as the KC wire conversion harness for my JK and Quadratec shipped via the cheapest covered wagon method available and took a number of days to get around to shipping my order. I paid for air shipping because we had a night Jeep run coming up in two weeks and I wanted to make sure I had the parts in time to get them installed. Well two weeks went by and my parts did not arrive from Quadratec, so I went on the night run without my new lights. Interestingly the Hella lights I purchased on Amazon that same day as I did my Quadratec order arrived the next day with free shipping. Great headlights HELLA 002395301 Vision Plus 176mm High/Low Beam 12V Halogen Conversion Headlamp.

After looking into it, I found out that Quadratec pocketed my extra shipping money as it took 14 days for the KC H13 to H$ Conversion Harness. When I called Quadratec to find out where my order was after 7 days I got a voice mail service and they never returned my call I also emailed them and also got only a automated response, the parts arrive 6 days later via some extra cheap shipping service they provide. Not impressed!
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Customer Rating Horrible shipping service
Date: Jan 08, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Miami, FL)
Sure they have a website with plenty of jeep parts, with lots of eye candy to look at and buy, prices are decent. But their shipping SUCKS! *DO NOT USE* their FedEx Smart Post service it takes Triple the time to deliver vs USPS Priority, I blame QUADRATEC for not doing their research and realizing that the price they charge for FedEx SmartPost they can charge for USPS Priority and make their customers more happy with faster shipping. Shame Shame!
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Customer Rating False Advertising and not giving a crap
Date: Dec 26, 2014
Reviewer: A User from (Davison, MI)
Wanted wet okole seat covers for a 2015 wrangler. I was debating whether to go through the wet okole website or to order through quadratec. My husband looked prices and quadratec was slightly cheaper and the website stated if I ordered that day I would receive by December 23rd (it was dec 3rd at time of order). I called customer service dec 23rd because I still had not received my order and their website said they had not shipped out until the 22nd. The sales guy told me that I would of had to order prior to December to get by the 23rd. I argued that the webite said differently. He told me to call customer service on Friday the 26th because they were closed over Christmas. I did call today. The customer service guy told me that I would of had to order express shipping to receive by the promised date. I explained that I had ordered express shipping and they called me and told me I could not do express shipping on this order. Also the website never stated I had to order express shipping. He said there was nothing he could do unless I wanted to send he seat covers back and get a refund. I finally received the seat covers about five minutes ago and I love them..... but I will not be ordering through this site again. They have crappy customer service and are apparently not opposed to false advertising. I think for my $654 order I could at least have gotten by Christmas.
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Customer Rating Terrible Customer Service Experience
Date: Dec 18, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Florida)
I ordered a replacement window for my wrangler as the Quadratec website showed that it was in stock. After receiving the initial email that verified my order, I waited two weeks to call and check on the status. I spoke to a cordial person who informed me that he would check with the supplier and call me back within 48 hours. Unfortunately, he did not honor his commitment and I heard nothing back. A second call today to another Customer Service person informed me that my item would ship in approximately (3) Three Months. I could not believe that I needed to contact them twice to get this information after they charged my credit card. His excuse was "don't blame us, it's the supplier's fault!" What about wasting my time? There are many other companies that retail Jeep parts, so I won't blame you, I'll just do business elsewhere from now on. Think twice before you place an order with Quadratec.
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Customer Rating Pricing of Items
Date: Nov 14, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Virginia Beach, VA)
We use Quadratec to search for new products but purchase the items somewhere else, i.e., Amazon, Ebay, and other sources to save hundreds.

I puchased a few items from them before (about $1K or so). Very nice customer service during purchase, but on returns for products that don't fit properly, they do not reimburse me the shipping and argue with me on the fitment. It's one way of money making. I lost my respect on those two customer service personnel, which reflects the company.
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Customer Rating You may not get what you ordered
Date: Nov 07, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Houston,TX)
I'm very disappointed with Quadratec orders. I will not be ordering stuff from them anymore. Buyers be aware of the following:

Quadratec website doesn't tell you the items are on backorder until the order has been placed. Also the shipped items may or may not be the items you ordered. Check your orders to make sure you get the right stuff or at least similar items with equal price.
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Customer Rating Always Backorder
Date: Nov 06, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Atlanta, GA)
I have made 3 purchases from this company. The first one I waited almost 2 weeks and never got a shipment confirmation. Called customer service and was told it was on back order. I cancelled that order because they could not tell me when it would be available. The second order, no problems. The 3rd order, I ordered three things. I received a shipment confirmation in a couple of days and then my package came a week later. When I opened the package only 1 of the 3 items came. I logged on to the website to see what the deal was and the other items were on back order. The problem is that shouldn't the company tell you at the time of purchase if they are capable of shipping it or not. No where at the time of purchase does it actually tell you if they can fulfill your order or not. Horrible customer service. Last time I ever visit the site again. There are much better companies out there to order parts from.
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Customer Rating Waiting for jeep wrangler seat covers:
Date: Nov 06, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Washington)
Well it has been ten weeks since I ordered my seat covers, three times they have given me a date and each time they tell me it is going to be longer, today they said another month, what a pathetic outfit, don't sell a product you can't provide.
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Customer Rating Lousy first impression of Quadratec
Date: Oct 28, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Philadelphia, PA)
Ordered a pair of liftgate bumpers and a $300 new power steering pump for a '97 Grand Cherokee on 10/15/13. Bumpers showed up two days later but no pump. Logged into my account which showed pump had to be dropped shipped directly from the manufacturer (Crown) and did so on 10/17/13. After six days and no pump, I contacted a rep by using the "Live Chat" feature on their website. The rep confirmed that the pump shipped on 10/17/13 and I would receive it by 10/25 (Friday) or 10/28 (Monday). I asked for a FedEx tracking number and the Live Chat rep told me to call Customer Service and they could easily contact the manufacturer and give it to me, and then abruptly disconnected the chat session. I called Customer Service and they gave me the wrong tracking number (for the two liftgate bumpers) and said the pump was delivered on 10/17 (the same day their email told me it shipped) and was left at my front door. Negative. I explained that the email confirmation said it shipped on 10/17 and a delivery on 10/17 seemed impossible unless they were using a Star Trek transporter machine to beam it to my location. He said they would have to open a warranty claim and ship me out another one but I would have to start the ordering time frame again and I'd have to wait another 5-7 days. Seriously?

So here it is almost two weeks later, I have a Grand Cherokee out of commission, no power steering pump and an angry customer who wants to know why I just didn't go to a local auto parts store and pick up a re-manufactured pump. It appears the extra money I would have made by purchasing a higher quality new pump is going to be offset by the time wasted and frustration of waiting for a warranty procedure and second pump being shipped to me, as well as an angry, lost customer.
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Customer Rating Below poor customer standards
Date: Aug 21, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Alberta Canada )
A month and a half ago I ordered 8 different items coming to a little over $1000. When I placed the order the representative told me all the items were in stock and I should have them in a week. Here we are a month and a half down the road I was billed for everything and my whole order was back ordered. I should have stuck with 4wd hardware I have ordered over $20000 in parts with them and no issues at all. I thought I would give a different company a chance and am greatly disappointed.
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Customer Rating Poor Customer Service
Date: Aug 01, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Rainier, Oregon)
First order last year went without a hitch. The quality of the product ordered verses the implied quality was close only slightly disappointed with the finish. Shipping was ok. Second order in July of 2013 exact opposite. They indicated in stock and available to shipped so I ordered based on the outside shipping date and scheduled time off to do the install. When the order continued to indicate at warehouse available to ship but no tracking number listed I called customer no service. End of the story the best estimate they could give me the order was still two weeks out. I canceled the order and to their credit that went ok. I have asked to be removed from the mailing list and am waiting for the credit to be issued to my charge card. End of Story found the parts in stock at my local jeep dealer.
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Customer Rating Terrible Customer Service DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS
Date: Jul 23, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Detroit, MI)
Such a shame a site that carries many products cannot be competitive with prices. No price match, no coupons, and the worst customer service you could imagine. Not only did I find the customer service to not have knowledge about jeeps but they are down right short and rude. You can clearly tell it's just a job to these guys and they really don't care what they are selling. You can tell when a site has a passion for what they sell and a site that is out to just make money. Quadratec does not care at all for the customer and just wants to ring in sales. I bought all kinds of parts for my 95 jeep some are ok but most are rusting or not functioning and Quadratec could care less about making things right. DO NOT BUY FROM QUADRATEC.
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Customer Rating Disappointment & Wasted Money
Date: Apr 26, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Atlanta, GA)
Ordered a spare tire cover, and then found out a week later that it was on backorder. They do not identify when items are on backorder; you basically take the risk of making the purchase and finding out later. When I found out, I contacted customer service and requested a cancellation on the backordered item and a new purchase for another tire cover of a different brand. Everything seemed fine until a week later I saw two separate charges against my bank account. They'd shipped both tire covers and charged me for both. Lovely. By the way, if you want a have to pay for the return shipping yourself. In this case, I'd have been paying the purchase price just to ship it back for a refund, so it was pointless.

Was having difficulty finding replacement soft upper doors for my 2007 Sahara, so contacted customer service. They referred me to the Rugged Ridge part no. 13711.15. Received them and it became apparent that they were not, in fact, made for my Sahara despite the fact that the site says "for 07-12 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited JK" which I have. My Jeep actually requires the Mopar Front Upper Doors (part no. 55011.102x.A). The cost of return shipping to try to get a refund on the upper doors that were wrongly suggested to me by quadratec? $133. No thank you. I'll try to sell them on Craigslist. Quadratec has lost a would-be longtime customer.
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Customer Rating New JK owner
Date: Apr 17, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (West Sacramento, CA)
I just purchased a 2013 JK 4 door hardtop. I just bought the base model so I can personalize it how I wish. I ordered from Quadratec for the 1st time. kept it simple. the quadratec ultra floor liner. The combo pack. Fit like a glove. Look great. I was worried about the Cargo liner blowing out if top off. I doubt it will It fits so perfect when the rear door closes it basically locks it in.

Also ordered the Tow hitch and wire harness. Perfect fit and installation. Everything lined up as it should. Hardest part was dealing with the foam pad in the light well. Jeep didnt even have it placed in there well. I have it snug now. I cant believe Jeep was going to charge me 495.00 to have the hitch installed when I bought it. 89.00 from quadratec WOW.

I would have given Quadratec 10 stars if I could actually read product reviews on their site. (like Amazon) I shouldnt have to search product reviews on a forum or elsewhere.

I will definitely order from them again. your math. I almost used a company who offered free shipping. Quad was cheaper even with charging shipping.
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Customer Rating Very poor Customer Service
Date: Mar 22, 2013
Reviewer: A User from (Boonsboro, MD)
I Purchased a radio that was clearly stated in their catalog to have Bluetooth cababilities in two different areas. I recieved the radio and installed it as per instructions. After reading the manual for settings i could not find any blue tooth conections. I called the manufacture of the radio (Sony) and found out the radio does not have blue tooth. So i called Quadratec back to get assistance in returning the radio and purchasing another only to be treated as if i had done something wrong. Rude non appoligetic attitude by their customer service staff. And no compensation for my time installing and uninstalling their fasely advertised product. Needless to say i refused to purchase anything from this company ever again.
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Customer Rating Dont order from Quadratec
Date: Dec 04, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Honolulu Hi)
Great web site. Shit customer service. In my attempts to order parts from them they have: made me get permission from my bank to ship to an address other than my billing address, told me that I might need an extra part for installation of one of the things I ordered and then had no clue which part that might be, charged me a third the cost of my order for shipping and not informed me of the charge (only figured it out when i read my credit card statement), shipped me the wrong part (multiple times), claimed the mix up was my fault and made me ship the bad parts back on my own dime, shipped me damaged parts, and refused to acknowledge that the returned parts were back in their inventory until i forced a tracking number down their throat. Quadratec is a great website but worthless and frustrating in all other ways. Dont waste your time.
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Customer Rating Fast shipping and good service.
Date: Nov 28, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Stockholm, Sweden )
I have ordered several parts from Quadratec and im very satisfied with them. I live in Stockholm Sweden as in Scandinavia, and the fastest shipment took 3 days and the slowest 6 days to my door. Have in mind that the shipments goes to Germany first and then to Sweden so 3 days are fast in my mind. Ive only have had e-mail contacts with them but they answer at worst the day after. They ship with DHL to Europe and it works like a charm. So thumps up from the other side of the pond.
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Customer Rating Not a good first impression
Date: Jul 29, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (New York)
Based on a friend's recommendation, I recently ordered a Bestop Supertop NX from Quadratec.
I was delighted to see it waiting for me at my door a day later. The first thing I did was read the instructions, which advised that "for ease of installation," the temperature should be at least 72 degrees F. It was in the low '80s, so I didn't expect a problem.
After three hours of dealing with vague directions, poorly drilled screw holes and other assorted design and packaging flaws, I tried to attach the windshield header. There was no give in the material, and the header actual broke in the middle without any warning, nearly seriously injuring me.
I had to take a day off from work to call and arrange for a replacement part. Bestop made me take a picture of the broken piece and email it to the Quadratec rep. I paid $10 for rush shipping and was told that the replacement header would arrive via FedEx the next day, which was Friday.
It didn't come, and there is no way to contact customer service. Unlike the confirmation email with the original order, I received no tracking information this time, so I contacted FedEx and was told there is no record of the part shipping.
I will not be able to install the top - assuming the replacement part arrives this week - until next weekend, so I paid $10 for nothing! Of course, that's just a drop in the bucket compared to the more than $700 I paid for this soft top, which I think is a piece of substandard garbage.
I really wish I never called Quadratec and just paid the extra money to have the dealer install a factory-made soft top on my Jeep.
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Customer Rating They don't honor their own website's info
Date: May 15, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Arlington, VA)
I ordered a part for my jeep - a 2004 Unlimited. It can be labeled three ways: 1) as a TJ Unlimited, 2) as an LJ, or as 3) TLJ. So, I chose a part, then used the website's "will it fit my jeep" function. The ONLY options it would let me put in was that I had a TJ Unlimited. (LJ or TLJ were not options.) So, I get the part, and it won't fit. No problem. I call to return it. They were going to charge me for the return because they said it was my fault - since the description said it was for a TJ - then I should have known better. After explaining that I DO have a TJ, and that THEIR site accepted my TJ Unlimited body style, it was still somehow my fault. I kept the item and I will sell it or throw it away. Then I promptly canceled the rest of my substantial order (wheels and a lift kit). I found all those items on Amazon with no shipping for the same or less cost. It's bad enough their system doesn't work - but to say that it's my fault and then try to charge me for the mistake - no. I will take my business elsewhere. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.
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Customer Rating They don't care about UPS
Date: Apr 18, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Oxnard, CA)
I ordered some seat covers and the were never delivered to me by UPS. When I called to complain they could careless that I never received them and basically gave me a run around. Good customer service until something goes wrong then they want you to just go away.

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Customer Rating Great Jeep Web-site
Date: Apr 12, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Toms River, NJ)
It may not be the cheapest Jeep store, but it's the best. I ordered mirrors to keep my Jeep street legal while the doors are off, and it was shipped within 48 hours. Love this web-site.
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Customer Rating "Quadratec Exclusive" Subwoofer Enclosure
Date: Apr 10, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (La Jolla, CA)
I ordered the 14136 311 SUB WOOFER ENCLOSURE 03-06 WRANGLER SUBBOX03 back in February for my 2006 Rubicon and I emailed Quadratec to let them know that it was one of the best purchases I ever made. I had a couple of high-end professional stereo installers put in a new sound system and they were both very impressed with the construction of this enclosure. It fit inside the limited trunk space perfectly and it was nice and sturdy for bolting an amp onto each side, while allowing them plenty of "breathing room". I was so worried about security since we spent quite a bit of money on the new stereo components, and we all know how easy it is for a thief to just unzip the Jeep's plastic windows and go shopping; but this enclosure not only hid the amps completely out of sight while creating a tight, secure fit with the tailgate shut, the color matched the OEM gray carpeting nicely.

The enclosure was drop-shipped, so I didn't get a tracking number for awhile, but it did arrive in a reasonable amount of time, and shipping was free. Very, very satisfied customer here!
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Customer Rating Do your homework first
Date: Apr 05, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Clayton N.J.)
I deal with Quadratec for all my jeep needs. Ive read the reviews and maybe this will help the folks that gave bad reviews. First shop around get your best price then call Quadratec tell them where you found the lower price and they will match it. Then ask if your part is in stock and how long before you recieve it. Then you choose to order it or not.I ordered a besttop on tuesday recieved it next day.They honored the lower price and free shipping I got from another company. Great service,no hassles will always do my bussiness with them. Hope this helps
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Customer Rating Parts pricing
Date: Mar 18, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Thomasville, GA)
I bought Rugged Ridge hood and door accessories in Gun Metal from Quadratec in August 2008 for $170. I priced a replacement set today and they are $220. That is almost 10% per year increase. That is ridiculous.
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Customer Rating Terrible Customer Service & Order Fulfillment
Date: Dec 19, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (New York, NY)
After placing an order on Dec 4th and being charged immediately, I have yet to hear any update from Quadratec. I received an email when I placed the order, which added up to just about $1,000 to tell me that it would be shipping directly from the supplier. I spent $60 on shipping to get it before the holiday, and here we are, 4 days before I need it and the status still hasn't changed: "at the drop shipper".

I will most likely be canceling my order, since it's clear that Quadratec does not care about whether the customer gets what they paid for as long as they got their money up front.

Buyer beware.
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Customer Rating Front and rear liners
Date: Nov 29, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (San Diego, CA)
I ordered a pair of front liner and rear, they told me that the rear liners where in back order and they would receive those in a week or so, I wanted them to ship my liners internationally, I chated with them and they told me a bunch of lies, like they have shipped my package but when I asked for the tracking the person told me that they shipped by priority, so I called today and explained to the employee my order # he told me that they where expecting to ship this coming Friday because they were waiting on the usps truck to arrive for pick up on Friday I asked how many packages they are sending international he told me just mine and when I told him to cancel the order he hang up the phone on me.
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Customer Rating Multiple orders, no problem
Date: Nov 21, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Kathleen, GA)
Always answer the phones. Hooked me up with my military discount. Fast shipper. They are in PA and I am in Ga. I get my parts in three days, everytime. I have nothing but positive things to say about Quadratec!
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Customer Rating Really Poor Service repeatedly
Date: Oct 06, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Oklahoma City, OK)
I ordered a Painless Performance auxiliary fuse box among other things by phone on Aug. 12, 2011. I was told that the fuse box comes directly from Painless and that it would take two week. I received the rest of my order and called about the fuse box the first week in Sept. The customer service rep called Painless and said that it was on the shelf and would be shipped out that day. I called again two weeks later and another csr called Painless again and guaraneed that they had the item in stock and it would go out that day. I just got done calling them again to cancel that part of the order. I explained the problem to clearly to a new csr, the csr called Painless then had the gall to tell me that Painless could ship the part out next Monday!!! He said it wasn't a problem with Quadratec, they could only pass on what Painless told them. I wasn't convinced, and definitely not convinced after reading the reviews. If Quadratec had anyone working customer service that cared about their service. They would have followed up with Painless, after my first missing product call or a least the second, the next day to make sure the item got shipped.

The problem I'm having is with Quadratec and not Painless as csr tried to imply. From now on I'm dealing directly with the manufacture when possible and when not, I'll deal with anyone but Quadratec. It shouldn't have to be this hard to buy something for my Jeep.
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Customer Rating Poor Service
Date: Aug 29, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Colorado Springs, CO)
Do business elsewhere or locally. They made the mistake, the discription of the product and the application did not work. They will not ship back at their dime. So a $60 item, I would have to spend $25 to ship back. Their prices are not worth the poor service. Will not be back.
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Customer Rating Brain damaged monkey could provide better service
Date: Aug 09, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Salem, Oregon)
I absolutely love my Tj, more than my boyfriend in fact. I have given Quadratec thousands and withstood customer service reps treating me like crap because I wanted the parts/assesories for my jeep so badly. The first couple times I figured, hey, everyone has bad days at work...right? Then I realized after it persisted that they hire rude people or it is such a horrible place to work that they simply cannot help passing on the misery to customers. I will share a few experiences (it would be a book to list all) that I have had with Quadratec. I ordered safari doors which took a good 3 months to arrive (I was told 5-6 days) with high shipping costs. When they finally arrived, the passenger side door did not fit. I paid to have it returned (more$) only to receive a replacement a month later (Oregon summers are short, safari doors seasonal) that still did not fit. The rude customer service rep was really put out, you'd think I awoke him at 2 a.m. asking him what color grass was. He then explained that all the doors are like that and I could either find a way to fix it or send it back (more$). I had my mechanic fix the door to fit since it was about .5 inch off. I love the I ordered a top, again not told about a long backorder when providing my card number. I waited 3.5 months and finally called to terminate my order. The rep was extremely rude and offered no apology or explanation regarding my experience. I was actually expecting an apology followed by a free shipping option to hang in there, or perhaps offering me a similar item that was in stock to show appreciation of my loyalty as a customer. Nope, nothing, and I could even hear him taking deep breaths on the other end! Unbelievable! I could go on and on with similar experiences. That said, I have officially sworn off Quadratec and have found alternative sources to get my fabulous jeep gear. Everyone needs to realize that this company is not the only place to get great stuff. Their huge catalog is alluring and makes every jeep lover drool, but the reality is better service, cheaper prices, reasonable shipping, just as good of variety and better customer service elsewhere. There are other retailers that would love your business in this suffering economy. Spend your money with people that care!
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Customer Rating Pure company and items
Date: Aug 03, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Cape Cod, MA)
Got the VDP bikini top for my '06 rubicon and unless you take the speakers off you can't get the top to work. Then ordered the bestop tray carrier for tailgate and it was missing three 1" bolts. Had to contact bestop and found out they had no clue they weren't putting the right bolts in the kits going out. Then ordered the bestop mesh bikini top and the straps were all jacked up. Called quadratec and had horrible service. They wanted me to let them know if bestop wanted them to pull that product. Last time I checked I don't work for quadratec. So they sent me another top to see if that fit and it was the same thing. Called back and explained that I wanted to return it and get a refund. Almost a month went by with no return label. Called back and talked to the custumer service manager and he explained to me that he would get to the bottom of the problem, that was 2 weeks ago. The first few days he was on top of it and calling me to let me know the status. I have been calling the last couple times and of course he has been in meetings everytime I call and still no resolve. I have purchased a good bit of stuff from them over the years and I have to say they have fallen off bad. I at least got my refund for the top, but still feel their jerking me around with a solution to the problem. This is the first time I have ever written a review on a company, but would hate to see someone else have to deal with the issues I have had. I'm working now to have quadratec put off limits list for the military so they can't screw other soldiers over.
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Customer Rating Double charges
Date: Jul 27, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Ft. Worth, Texas)
First I'll say Q-T isn't a bad company, now with that out of the way, they have morons as customer service reps! I've order many items from them and never gave it a second thought about doing so again. That is about to change...ordered a winch and 5 wheels, winch was (susposidly) in stock and "will ship in 3 days" two weeks now, still no winch. Wheels ordered same time, I was told that they will be "drop shipped" from ProComp in about 2 weeks (which is now) again we'll see. Received a call from my banker Monday afternoon, said my Visa had some odd charges from Q-T. Seems I was charged twice for the winch, and also charged twice for the wheels! Called "Customer service" trying to find out what happened was told, "yes the card was charged twice, "and an adjustment and bank notification will be made within 24hrs." called bank today Wednesday no notifcation at all (written, verbal anything) been trying to contact Frank Wosczyna (Customer Service Manager) no answer, out of the office, in a meeting etc. I'll keep trying, but be sure of this, if or when, this is resolved I will NEVER buy from them again!
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Customer Rating Backorder constantly and poor customer service
Date: Jul 05, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Phila, PA)
If you ever receive a defective product from Quadratec, have fun paying for shipping to send it back (even though you didn't break it). Almost everything I've ordered from them has been on backorder and the service department really doesn't give a sh*t. They should start offering free shipping on things backordered, not to mention it shouldn't cost 14 dollars to ship two tiny mirrors across the state. I was trying to give them a second chance but this is the last straw.
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Customer Rating Will only use Summit Racing never again Quadratec
Date: Jun 22, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Asheville, NC)
I ordered a ring and pinion gear for my tj project it was on back order for 3 months. I called to cancel the order I found it in stock and cheaper at summit racing. They said they canceled it then charged my account and shipped it so I called and they said the part would not come to my house and that that they would credit the money back to me. Well about a week later the part showed up at my house and I never got my money back so ill never use quadratec again summit racing is cheaper and better to their coustomers.
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Customer Rating Definately will be returning!!!
Date: Jun 17, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Broomfield, CO)
I had a soft top on back order for almost 5 months at I decided to cancel it and look else where. Quadratec was able to find an alternate top to my likeing, they matched and beat a competitors price. They also gave me advice on questions i had concerning the top i had just purchased. Best of all, I received my package in 3 days without requesting express shipping. I ordered Tuesday and received Friday!
*As with any online offroad store, just call for availability. I learned that the hard way with 4wd.
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