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Sells a variety of accessories for Jeep Liberty, Grand Cherokee, and Wrangler. JustForJeeps is a division of Central Chrysler Jeep (a 5-star dealership) located in Norwood, MA.

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Just For Jeeps

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Just For Jeeps - Reviews

Customer Rating International shipping via is terrible!!!
Date: Dec 24, 2018
Reviewer: A User from (60606)
The service itself is OK but international shipping via is terrible!!!
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Customer Rating Misleading Item Descriptions
Date: Jul 30, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Houston, TX)
Not saying that the company itself is no good, but if you are going to advertise items as "in stock", YOU need to have them available to ship! Working on a 2.5" lift for my rubicon and was going to have relocation brackets shipped to my cousin's house since I was out of town and knew I would be passing through his location and was going to do the install there. Searched the internet to see who had them "in stock" to avoid the delays associated with such orders, and sure enough found Just for Jeeps with this item "in stock"!! Awesome, right... Ordered on a Sunday, expecting shipment to take place either Monday or at the latest Tuesday. Keep checking order status and finally, today, Wednesday evening, showing item shipped.....FROM THE MANUFACTURER!!!! Now I understand that a lot of internet companies do this, BUT, at least most of them state in the item description "allow 2-3 extra days as item ships direct from manufacturer". This would not be that big of a deal except for he time frame I was working with. Only used them due to the statement that this item was "in stock". Could have ordered direct from manufacturer and would have shipped 2 days sooner!! AT LEAST LABEL YOUR ITEMS SHIPPING FROM THE MANUFACTURER!!! Due to this I am very unlikely to order from again...and I mean by that, Will Not!!. If I wanted to wait for shipment knowing that it ships from manufacturer and this company never puts there hands on it I would have, dare I say it, ordered from 4wheelpartsd (Notorious for doing the same damn thing) with whom I will never order with again either. Point in case.....Just order your products from someone more reputable in their descriptions and stock, or just go straight to the Manufacturer!! Gonna lose 2 days of travel back home now due to this crap!!! Gonna try to cut it off in Dallas at FedEx hopefully over the weekend to stay on planned schedule, but scheduled time for delivery is Monday. for delivery....9 days after order placed!!! Not acceptable!
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Customer Rating Best Jeep Accessory Website
Date: Mar 26, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Fort Lauderdale, FL) has been my go to source for all my Jeep accessories, gear and parts. They carry OEM Mopar genuine Jeep parts. They ship ultra fast and have a customer service team above the rest. You will not be disappointed.
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Customer Rating Place is a Rip Off with Horrible customer Service
Date: Jul 16, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Norwood mass)
The parts are over priced and show up late and your lucky if they aren't broken!! this .com is horrible!! Save you money and buy from a different vendor!!
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Customer Rating Stay Far Far Away From This Company
Date: Feb 21, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Seattle, WA)
Stay far away from this company! Far Away. Had a problem with their JustForJeeps Department. Let me explain, the "founder" Peter when calling about a product that they sent me that was wrong and faulty, threatened me, swore, and when I said I would be reporting them to the BBB, he said he will call the cops on me. Well, news to them I work for the Police Department in WA. But at 1am (PST) I started receiving prank phone calls from this Peter guy, on a police issued cell phone. We called the phone company as he was blocking the number and they said it was coming from a cell tower in MA. Grown men prank calling at 1am. We blocked all incoming numbers from their area code into the cell phone, as well as all blocked and unknown numbers. Though nothing illegal done yet, still made a report to the Sergeant of the Day in Boston. Point is, if this is who this place employs, stay FAR away. I would not want my personal information held by people like this.
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