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Sells a variety of offroad parts for Jeeps, Toyotas, and Samurais.

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Customer Rating Terrible Service
Date: Feb 19, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Bellingham, WA)
This company advertised quality products and then sent sub-par replacements. Tried to contact them several times to return items and they only responded after we contested the charge on our credit card. RR complained that they were just a small company so after we negotiated (through the Visa rep during a conference call) returning all of the items on our dime, we still don't have a refund one month later, after confirmation of receipt of such items. This company is disreputable and I don't recommend them AT ALL.
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Customer Rating Buy from anyone else but, not these guys.
Date: Jan 11, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Tucson, AZ)
I ordered a spoa lift for my samurai with all the extras(ott steering -d/l spacers - brake extensions - shocks and relocation brackets etc). I ordered it early so I could put it on while I was off during the holidays (2012) Towed it to my home town where I have a lift to work on it(i ended up having to leave it there)First most the parts were rusted and looked like they had been sitting outside and not new(I swear it looked like they picked thes parts out of a pile of left over parts that were sitting around out back).

Then I got 5 different size u bolts and 3 rear perches and 1 front. Parts were anything but, close fit. Had to beat my floor up to get relocation bracket to fit shock mount to fit etc etc (any company that has to put be strong the parts will fit in there instructions should explain a lot. Had to wait until they opened after the holidays to talk to this guy and explain what was going on and he acted like I was wrong and had to have aftermarket axles etc etc and that I didn't know what I was talking about (I've owned and been working on samurais (& jeeps) since 1987 and have 2 currently).

After convincing him I knew what I was talking about he sent me another perch for the front, well it was not lifted to match the one on the other side of the axel and now the samurai is 3/4" lower on one side. These guys are a joke, buy calmini - off brands from e-bay etc but, not from these guys. I've waisted so much time on this lift I gave up on it even after spending almost $1000 on it.
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Customer Rating 4" TJ lift kit featuring old man emu
Date: Dec 14, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Lake Havasu City, Az)
I ordered this kit ( )and it took over 3 months to get to me and when it arrived it was still missing parts that were on back order. After getting all the parts the instructions were ok but they claim this kit will lift your jeep 4" without any extras. After getting into it I have had to spend over 1000 dollars for adjustable control arms and 500 dollars for a slip yoke eliminator and a new driveshaft. Not to mention all the mods you have when you change your rear pinion angle, which is needed anytime you go over 2.5 " which they fail to tell you until after the fact and your driveshaft vibrates your teeth. It has been months of buying more parts just to get my jeep so that I can take it off-road or drive over 50 MPH. I won't purchase another thing from them. Beware check out they know there stuff and aren't just trying to sell crap
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Customer Rating parts and service
Date: Nov 05, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Alabama)
Placed my order on the 19 still haven't received all of it on the 5th. Super sliders look nice and sturdy but onlu attached to frame by 4 self tappping bolts per side. A little hinkey in my opinion. Service was bad, never informed that shocks wernt in stock and would come when they come. When I asked why they told me I ordered on line and sometimes stuff was out. (Had no problem with my cash though) not treated like a valued customer. I guess only spending 800$ didn't buy me good service. I sent them an email and got no reply. Go figure. Won't buy from them again and wouldn't recomend them. Oh they made sure I got a sticker to advertise for them on my Jeep. Not gonna happen
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Customer Rating Jeep YJ SOA - Basic Kit (Perches, Plates, Hardware)
Date: Sep 28, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Kansas City, MO)
To get the obvious out of the way, first - I would probably buy another basic (no shocks, no brake lines, no anything but the basic perches and plates) SOA lift kit from Rocky Road. The package showed up five or six days after I ordered it, and appeared to be complete less instructions, which were emailed to me at my request. The instructions suck, and I've been assembling this kit just with experience aquired with lots of wrenching; a novice wrench would be lost with RR's instructions. Aside from that, the parts are very beefy, the welds appear to be adequate, and the finish (powdercoat) is just ok. Having said that...

I've only worked on the rear axle since receiving the parts. I'm installing this lift as a part of a larger rebuild project, which includes stripping everything of rust, replacing all wear parts, and basically doing a partial restoration on my old '93 YJ. I planned for the vehicle to be down for quite some time, so the problems I've already encountered with the lift have been tolerable. Consider yourself warned, if your Jeep is a daily driver.

The first problem I encountered was that the perches don't fit down over the axle tubes. Because I had my axle powdercoated, I attributed this fitment issue to the additional thickness of the powdercoat. After grinding an 1/8th of an inch off of the arches of the perches, however, with no success in fitment, I realized the powdercoat was not the problem. Now... I've built many vehicles using aftermarket parts, and fitment problems are not uncommon in any class of vehicle, but this went beyond mere tweaking to fix. I ended up grinding 3/16" of steel off of the perches in order to get them to fit over the axle tubes; mind you, that's almost a half-inch of material overall.

Last night I primered and painted the raw steel, and was excited to get home tonight to bolt the leaf springs onto the axles. The perches dropped into place and the springs (OME) laid down nicely against them. I chucked up the bottom plate, supplied by RR, and threaded two of the bolts through the bottom and top (factory) plates. When I tried to install the third bolt, the entire assembly twisted, and after measuring, I realized the bolt holes in the bottom plates are not spaced far enough apart to allow the bolts to pass through both sets of plates; the perch is wider than the bolt holes.

The next step in making this kit work will be to wallow out the bolt holes so that everything will fit together. Once it does, I will have five parts - the axle, the spring, the perch, and two plates, being held together by four bolts. I'm going to have to do a LOT of in-town, low speed driving before I'll feel confident that this system is going to hold together for the long haul, and I may even make the decision to ruin the new powdercoat on the axle in order to weld the perches down to ensure nothing decides to move around.

Lesson learned, once again - don't trust the aftermarket. Fit all of your parts together BEFORE you apply your finishes, and plan to do some grinding/tweaking/fitting with any aftermarket parts you buy.
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Customer Rating NOT Engineers - Poor Design & Poorer Customer Service
Date: Jul 10, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Upper Midwest)
The rock sliders look cool but have some major engineering flaws. First, the main connection is to the lower rail frame using only two self-tapping bolts in each of only two mounting plates. It then connects to the flimsy door tabs on the body. The second issue is one of “cross connection”. The back side of the slider is mounted to the lower frame and the front side is connected to the body, which sits on the upper frame. These two frames are separated by rubber cushions so they can move differently from one another. Connecting it this way will lead to metal fatigue. They’ll tell you that the other manufactures use these tabs too. That’s sort of true but they also bolt through the body and connect over to the upper body frame … not the lower frame.

The main rock rail, the part you can see, is heavy and sturdy. It is then connected to the frame by a small, one-inch square, steel tube. This is weak, cheap, and should have been larger.

The powder coating is OK but not great and the sliders could have been better prepared prior to coating. There are welds that should have been ground down better. Also, the pipe bender they use to bend the steel bars leaves a gouge in the metal.

Then there’s the customer service side of things. The owner (and NOT an engineer as I was told on the phone) will be god-d**ned before he will pick up the phone and talk to you. It doesn’t matter how many times you ask, he won’t do it. You can ask any question you want in an e-mail. When and if he decides to answer you, it will only be the questions of his choosing. If you call with questions they get very defensive and tell you that you’re seriously underestimating their product. They are NOT engineers.

If you have questions about installation they keep refereeing you to an out of date, poorly written instructions page. And don’t waste your breath asking for pictures, all you get is the same lameassed ones in the instructions which show very little. Besides, if you have to ask an installation question you’re made to feel like an idiot.

Stay with ARB, Shockworks, and other reputable firms.
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Customer Rating good company
Date: Jun 10, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (BC Canada)
I've ordered twice from rocky road for my samurai. I bought the j-p eater
yj spring conversion and a fold down windshield kit. Their price was considerably cheaper and included u-bolts on top of that. Everything shipped within a week and their customer service was quick to help when I had a strange shipping request.
From my experience, if this company has had problems in the past, they have been addressed.
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Customer Rating Liars and Cheats
Date: Apr 17, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Placerville, Ca)
I will never buy from Rock Road Outfitters again. I have a Jeep Liberty 2005 diesel. it was a nice rig until I put on their recommended lift kit. Now its embarrising to take any one for a ride in it because of all the racket coming from the front end. They give you a good line when they are trying to sell you something but when it comes to delivery (literally) and performance they are the worst. Do not believe them when they say it will be at your place in 5 days. Its more like weeks and for some folks its months. And I really do not believe any real engineering went into the developement of the Rock Father lift kits which makes me wonder if they are even safe. When I called them on it they were very quick to blame it on someone else. I have greatly devalued my jeep liberty with this kit. It all looks very cool until you drive it off road. I am out $1500 on this so the best I can do is warn other folks to shop else where. So when I sell the jeep I am going to have to remove their kit and install the stock front suspension. It will cost me money but at least I will be able to sell it.

I am also notifying the Better Business Bureau. Do your self a favor and shop elsewhere. You would think that with all the bad comments that they might do something to correct some of the issues other folks have mentoned. They apperently do not care.

You will not know how much you have been taken for until after you have spent a bundle of money on equipment and installation. What are you going to do..spend a bunch more to remove it and send it back. They know they have you as soon as you purchase from them.
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Customer Rating Not impressed
Date: Feb 24, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (San Diego)
I spent $1000 on my lift kit after selecting 3 day shipping and it took 2 weeks to get my parts. I had to be on top of there ass the entire time. I don't feel like my money went to the right place.
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Customer Rating Micky Mouse Outfit
Date: Jan 29, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (San Francisco, CA)
If you ever want to flush your hard earn money down the crapper buy your next lift kit from Rocky Road Outfitters! I can not believe these folks are still in business and the owner Glen doesn't give a crap. I spent my money on one of their conversion kits, it was sold as a "complete OME" conversion... the only complete thing was the OME springs and they showed up a month after the kit.... spent ton's of money on hardware and brake hoses... you'd think they would at least send you the correct hoses but NOOOO they were stock hoses and they only sent three, wtf? Not sure if they have a QC system or they just fill the order with what ever they have on the shelf? No directions, just a email with some crappy directions that apply to more than one application and you have to figure out the rest on your own. Don't waste two seconds on these guys, they suck!
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Customer Rating Bad lift for 2004 Wrangler
Date: Dec 18, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (North Bay, Canada)
Wow its amazing these people get away selling such crap.

Paid 850$ for a 4" lift kit for my 2004 wrangler. They said that you do not require lower control links. Thats retarted, of course you do, You cannot go up in travel without making at least one arm of the triangle longer. There front track bar is crap too since it lacks a heim joint and quality bushing. So it won't last.

They make you think the old man emu springs are the cats pajamas. There way too hard. The springs they shipped me looked like they were made for a dump truck, blew all 4 of their lame shocks on my first highway drive. Unfortunetly, their whole kit is a mismatch of other peoples lifts combined with their poor engineering.

Expect poor customer service too. The people that work their no little about Tj's/wranglers.

Lastly, their transfer case lowering kit they supply, yeah well its only a 1/2" lowering kit, What the heck are you going to do with that? I'll tell you, you are gonna have to replace a lot of rear shaft u-joints since the angle is so high.

Its funny they think you can stuff 35" rubber under their kit, doubtful indeed without fender trimming and high offset wheels. They don't supply longer sway bar links either. Front or Rear, so expect to be preloading your front sway bar so much you'll likely snap it driving on anything but highway and definetly climbing over a curb.

I replaced this junk with Pro-comp suspension. Had a little fun seeing how many guys could stand on the rear springs before it actually moved.

Did they think that a tj weighs 10,000lbs.
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Customer Rating Horrible shipping practices.
Date: Oct 25, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (New Jersey)
I ordered control arm lowering brackets on 10/20/11 @ 10am eastern time. Called @ 3pm today 10/25/11 and was told by their shipper / parts man that they have been in stock and they will ship in the next couple of days or so. Why would parts that are in stock take over a week to ship out!?
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Customer Rating Double Shipping costs for Canadians
Date: Sep 01, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Toronto, Canada)
I suggest you support your CAN customers with more than a frown. 

I'll alert other Canadians of these charges so they won't be double billed as I was with frown reply. The internet is a powerful tool to share customer experiences with other potential buyers/victims ;^}

Go Canada Go

Down with 60% added costs to your billing. 


On 2011-09-01, at 2:23 PM, "Rocky Road Outfitters" wrote:

We were aware that Canada charges import fees/taxes. Not that it was so much though.    :^(

Glenn Wakefield
Voted by Four Wheeler magazine readers.... Top Ten All Star Manufacturerz

----- Original Message ----- From: "Michael H..."
To: "Rocky Road Outfitters"
Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 11:20 AM
Subject: Re: Thank you for your Rocky Road Outfitters Order 2188-9507-2498

Well the total costs in my garage has risen to $639.

I thought your shipping costs of $118.99 is all in shipping & handling for two steel rails.

The UPS shipper is now expecting another $118.40 on delivery for brokerage fees on a simple order of two steel rails.

Overall your product price is fine at $399 yet the added $237 is unreasonable. How can these added costs be reduced from a total of $639 to something more reasonable?


On 2011-09-01, at 12:48 PM, "Rocky Road Outfitters" wrote:

Not sure what you mean.
Did Canada charge some big fees on your side of the border?

Glenn Wakefield
Voted by Four Wheeler magazine readers.... Top Ten All Star Manufacturers

----- Original Message ----- From: "Michael H..."
To: "Rocky Road Outfitters"
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 9:39 PM
Subject: Re: Thank you for your Rocky Road Outfitters Order 2188-9507-2498


The additional costs to Canada are out of touch.

Really do you think 118.99 shipping plus 118.80 UPS Brokerage is reasonable. Adding 237 onto a 399 item is over charging.

I hope that I love your rails for 639 all in for us Canadians.

How about looking at this total cost and give me a call

Order Date: 2011-08-14 21:07:51

Shipping Method: UPS Gnd to Canada €:^(
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Customer Rating NOT worth the benefit of the doubt
Date: Aug 10, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Dallas, TX)
I spent a TON of money ordering a 5" lift for my comanche. The first round of parts took forever to arrive. They neglected to send one part, for which I had to wait another 10 days. The CAD parts don't fit very well, some modification had to be made on drop kit to fit. Fabrication skills required! The front brake lines will have to be replaced when installing Rancho shocks! This is contrary to their rants on the website. They sent the wrong rear shocks, and, after two weeks' waiting, I had to PAY to get the replacement shocks sent - this is because I did not want to wait until the return label was sent so that we may return the wrong shocks (they won't ship the correct shocks until they receive the others). I would still be waiting for the return label right now had I not aked if I can just PAY to get the correct shocks out the door. Sadly enough, not even that did the trick a I am still waiting for the shipper to pick up the package - three days after paying! The return label for the wrong shock and the replacement shocks themselves have not been shipped in the 10 days I've been calling and waiting. Sure, I received quantum notification of shipment, but they never left the RRO place! I was patient and friendly with all the guys, but it was a total waste of my time. One of the guys is also very rude on the phone. He doesn't like to repeat himself. He thought he answered my question, so when I rephrased my question in order to prompt the correct response, he said he's tired of repeating himself.

None of the guys that answer the phone take responsibility, and it's always someone else that answers the phone, making it that much more difficult. I'll admit that one person (name starts with 'C') was friendly and helpful, but he, too, seemingly dropped the ball. Another guy (name starts with "J") - was helpful as well - he ran out to his manche to compare some of the findings we had.

-didn't send instructions - emailed them later, but hey are most difficult to follow - online pictures are easier to follow
-center link bar - end link was not included in shipment
-adjustable sway bar - only one side was correct, the other end was the wrong part - had to re-ship
-transfer case drop - only the outer brackets worked, had to re manufacture inner bracket to fit.
-rear shocks were wrong
-lack of willingness to help when calling in to get issues resolved.
- they must have caller ID, as they no longer answer my calls
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Customer Rating Liberty is Rockin it!
Date: Aug 09, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Phoenix, AZ)
Wow, quite a load of mixed reviews online. But everyone I know personally has nothing but good to say about Rocky Road. And one buddy had a set of the JB control arms fall apart on him. So I went ahead and picked up their Rockfather kit with the new control arms for my KJ. So glad I did.

The kit came with the struts all put together when made my installation easy. I would recommend to anyone that if you are thinking of putting the lift kit on by yourself, get the kit with the assembled struts!

I got my kit in about 2 weeks which I expected. I know Rocky Road is known for having the best parts, but sometimes a couple weeks of shipping time. They sent me an email with the UPS info on it so I could track it.

Took me a whole day to get the kit on. Instructions gave me enough info to feel comfortable trying it on my own. Darn Jeep though, they don't make it easy since some of the bolts are hidden.

Anyway, I've had the kit on for a couple months now and really love it! Everyone in our area knows Rocky Road is the best for Jeeps and I'm glad I listened to guys I know rather than some of the internet stuff. Really great kit and if you email them I think you get the owner of the company who knows more than anyone I've seen on Jeeps.

I give an A+ for my Jeep!
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Customer Rating Rocky Rock is Great
Date: Aug 06, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Southport, NC)
I just Don't see how people claim they have had bad customer service from "RRO" I placed one order last month and it took 4 or 5 days to get to me and i just placed a 2nd order. I bought a 2000 jeep cherokee that was already lifted with a 3" rusty's spring kit...Nothing but problems and GLENN has helped me 100% with getting my jeep right, even though its not his kit... he has only sold me parts that i needed and helped me get my jeep the way it should be..So with that said if you need something email him and ask if it's going to be back ordered OR WHAT NOT... He is the most down to earth man and really wants to help with your 4X4 needs ...Rocky Road Outfitters

.GLENN THANKS Again 100+ customer service
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Customer Rating After Lift
Date: Jun 07, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Fort Irwin, CA)
I bought the rockfather deluxe kit. I ordered it on March 25th and recieved it on June 2nd. The excuse I got from them was they changed warehouse then it was backordered 2 weeks then they were waiting on OME. So I finally got all the crap and the back is very easy to do. The front was a little tougher since you have to take your batter and box out and all that stuff. Then I couldnt get the shock to fit into the fork that attaches to lower control arm. So i detached it from the control arm and attached it to the shock then loosened the lower control arm and had to run a ratchet from the other control arm in order to get the fork and shock to bend against the body enough to align the bolt. So after all that and doing the other side I drove it about 50 miles and took it a 4x4 specialty shop for the alignment. They cannot get my tires strait. one side is 1.5 degree off the other is 1 degree. RRO says i i have to rent their alignment tool or w/e and put the cam bolt in the other spot. After spending 1300 and all that work this is total bs. I have to drive 70 miles just to make it to an alignment shop cuz im at fort irwin ca in the middle of nowhere. Im so dissapointed with them. The shocks work nice though but my 250 dollar tires are ganna wear on the outside.
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Customer Rating Very bad customer service
Date: Apr 28, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Holland, MI)
Worst Customer service I have ever experienced. It took a month and a half to get the first part of my order and 2 1/2 months for the rest of it. No tracking order, I had to keep calling them back to find out what was going on. Got lied to about my quick disco's being shipped. I will never order from them again!!!
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Customer Rating Beware-Beware-Beware !!!!!
Date: Apr 26, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Tucson, AZ)
I ordered an OME suspension lift for my Suzuki. Parts came missing hardware, front struts were two different colors, scratched, and coil springs protective plastic coating gouged off in places.
Sloppy, careless,inattentive to detail. Salespeople are less than caring, they blame OME for all the deficiencies. I told them it makes them look bad but they take no responsibility. I would be extremely reluctant to ever buy ANYTHING from these people again.
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Customer Rating Insane arms for jeep liberty are an INSANE waste of money
Date: Apr 08, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Little Valley, NY)
I purchased a set of rro's insane arms for my 2005 liberty. When I received and installed his product I was pleased. Now about 5 months later these a arms might as well be stock. They continue to bottom out on my strut assembly just as the stock arms did because of my 3inch lift. If I had known saving a little money and not buying jba's product would leave me right where I started I would have done it right the first time. I have placed several calls to rro about this problem and they tell me the bushings are bad and when I reply "So your telling me you sell a product that goes bad in under 6 months" all I get is silence and told to send an email with pictures to prove my claim because according to them this is impossible. I have attempted to email them three times, the first two email addresses I was given did not work. Now it has been 3 days with no response from the OWNER of the company. This is pathetic and I hope anyone who reads this saves their money and goes with jba and not rro because you will end up in the same predicament I'm in.
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Customer Rating Happy from OZ
Date: Apr 07, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Perth Western Australia)
I would like to say that the rocksliders, roofrails and diff guard I have bought from RRO for my 2006 Liberty have been great, I have been dealt with very quickly and the parts arrived quicker than they said. I was so impressed, I have ordered a roof rack to match my roof rails.
All these parts arrived to me in PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

I have only dealt with Carol who has been very helpful via e-mail, I feel very suprised to find so many people who are not happy with RRO, we are reading this negative feedback, but how many people, like myself are very happy? I have dealt with companys in OZ who are terrible and way over priced, I took a chance ordering from the US from, RR0 but I will order again, no problem.
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Customer Rating Very happy with the ZJ lift and control arms
Date: Feb 05, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Tucson, AZ)
I ordered the 4.5 inch trailblazer lift for my ZJ and while shipping took slightly longer than other places I still had my lift in a week and a half. The install was fairly straight forward and the instructions assume a general mechanical knowledge of the installer and do not explain every step in detail, but they are clear about any tricky parts of the install. The kit installed nicely with no bump steer steady hard braking and the standard shocks that ship with the kit work surprisingly well. I was worried about my order after reading many poor reviews online, but was pleasantly surprised that in my case the product and service were both excellent.
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Customer Rating Horrible place to do business!!!!
Date: Dec 26, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Denver, CO)
They have horrible customer service and their parts are low quality and have the least functional parts on the market! You can buy parts with better quality from CHINA. The customer service was the worst I've ever dealt with and they even tried to accuse me of stealing from them because they charged me $60.00 more than what they were supposed to . Trust me on this STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. I will never, ever, ever, buy anything from this place as long as I'm alive and will tell my kids to do the same! Companies like ROCKY ROAD OUTFITTERS are a total rip off and I might even go as far as to call them a scam!!! You can make the same parts with better quality at home and would never be accused of stealing nor be treated like a piece of S**t!!!
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Customer Rating Update from last review - Edmonds, WA
Date: Nov 18, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Edmonds, WA)
So I just put the review below in on the Front adjustable trackbar and I got the part on now so I am updating. Like I said before, fast shipping, great price. Looks decent. Now that I have it on, I am a little disappointed. First, it is physically smaller than the OEM. That isn't necessarily that big a deal since it could be better materials but I was surprised. The main issue was that it would not allow me to adjust it to fit the lift. I bought the right one but can't help wondering if I got the right one. I have it screwed alll the way until I can't adjust it any shorter and it still needs about a qtr. to a half inch. Little frustrating since the reason you are buying it is to have the front adjusted properly. I know it isn't quite right and I don't know what kinda lift it is built for but not the one on the ad. Anyway, I am pretty cheap so I am used to getting a little less than satisfactory. If you are not cheap and want the product to work exactly as advertised, I would probably look elsewhere. Too bad really since they have a chance to do real well with these but they need to work properly considering this is something that is used to make corrections to a problem. Still have the problem only it is slightly better and I and $1XX poorer.
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Customer Rating So Far - Excellent
Date: Oct 18, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Edmonds, WA)
I haven't installed the part yet so I may be back for a repost but I ordered my part online after talking with the sales guy, he said it would take 2 days to ship out and two days to get here. They ended up shipping in one day and sent me the info. on tracking and it got here in 2 days as they said. It was a front trackbar and it appears to be a very good one (will see in a few days when I have time to put it on) and the shipping and communication was great. So far, I am very happy with buying from them.
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Customer Rating YJ SOA lift kit
Date: Oct 08, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Shelby Twp., MI)
Great product. Quick shipping. Everything delivered with in a week and a half of ordering. Will deal with them again.
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Customer Rating Bad Service and response time
Date: May 21, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Cookeville, TN.)
I ordered two products from Rocky Road. I was very clear that I needed the lower 2" or so diameter lower shifter boot that attaches to the transfer case. I also ordered a bikini top. I called after a month to ask if the order had been lost. I was told that the top was back ordered and it would be shipped later. I told them that I was not in huge rush just send both parts at the same time to avoid shipping charges. I got a package two months after the order was placed with the wrong part on the boot. I still do not have the top. I will say that I have ordered other things from Rocky Road and was very pleased. I do not know what has gone wrong with this transaction.
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Customer Rating cheap-ass-s_it!!
Date: Apr 24, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (mid-mich.)
I bought this junk..first off it took forever to get, the parts were all wrapped in clear packing wrap, no instructions, and within a year I had to replace all of the rubber shock bushings, and in two years all the springs...Its almost criminal they can get away with this.
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Customer Rating The worst
Date: Apr 16, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Mesa, AZ)
$3000 + of parts ordered within three weeks from several companys and the only only one that did not deliver was Rocky Road. No tracking shipments on line, You must call for tracking information that is never correct. I could drop ship from my garage better than this, just like Ebay

They are rude, un-organized, and confused. My first call they told me the part would be there within a week. I called ten days later and they had no record of my first call. (RUDE)

Never got the part as committed- They told me they had all the information I gave them during my SECOND PARTS TRACKING PHONE CALL. Where is my part? "No idea" They did not care so I cancelled the order. Was not worth trying to save $30
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Customer Rating Customer Service? What customer service???
Date: Apr 05, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Pittsburgh Area)
Let me start off by saying I don't like "bashing" company's but I think customers should be aware of the lack of customer service. I recently ordered from Rocky Road Outfitters and bought an Old Man Emu, 2002 Nissan Pathfinder lift kit and wasn't too happy off the start. I was originally told it would take 2 weeks to ship, but then changed to 3 weeks by the end of the phone call due to back orders...ok, I can deal with that. Two and a half months later, I finally got my lift kit (also I had to call them with updates on where my lift kit was, and never received a confirmation email) and upon my receiving my lift kit, my struts were trashed. Deep scratches, and chips of metal gouged throughout the strut to the bare metal left me pretty upset. According to them, and after describing how the box arrived in precise detail, supposedly they did not pack it that way, instead UPS did. I don't know who is to blame on that, but its like they couldn't have cared less (and I'm still not on the main issue). I would expect after paying close to $1000 for the kit, and $75 just for shipping, I would expect to have "non-damaged" goods and have ALL hardware. Too much to ask apparently. Since the struts weren't in there "original" boxes, it's obvious the contents would be lost en route...somewhere. Still at this point, I'm not too happy but understanding. I call back to explain some of the lost parts, he redirected me to call ARB. After playing "phone tag" between the company's, I finally talked RRO one more time. Intro to the "icing on the cake." I explained to them I was missing a spacer sleeve that is used to mount the strut and we seem to understand what I need. I ask him to have one sent to me ASAP, and would expect them to overnight it to me. They explain it's not their fault the piece is missing, and they could send it overnight but at my expense...not acceptable. In all fairness, it wasn't my fault either. I'm just the "customer" who makes the order and EXPECTS a quality product to be sent to my residence...especially when I pay $1000. And if something is missing, they remedy the situation and they deal with the B.S. from UPS, not me. Again, not my issue. I made the order and purchase, and it's their responsibility to ensure the shipping. After several minutes of arguing my case, the gentleman began to mock me and say, "it's not the end of the world or life or death, man!" Well look here MAN...I spend my hard earned money to buy your crap, and expect some sort of customer service, not to be made a mockery of. May I suggest your company learn some basic human relations and advise your associates to take customer service complaints/issues a little more seriously and not be so ignorant. On a final note, I do intend on contacting and filing a report with the BBB and will NEVER do business with this company again. This is a much shortened version of all events and I'm trying to be respectful in this message, but be bluntly honest. Order with CAUTION!
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Customer Rating Lift kit
Date: Mar 31, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Colorado Springs, CO)
I recently ordered a 3.5" lift for my zj and I was missing the tie rod end. I emailed them and I received the part in about a week. There was some confusion as to whether the part was coming UPS or USPS, priority mail. No big deal, it got straightened out. Its unfortunate to see so many bad reviews here as this was my first time ordering from RRO since they have so many cool parts for Jeeps and many other vehicles. I will be back sometime to order again.
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Customer Rating 06 Commander lift kit and rock rails
Date: Mar 25, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Gilbert, AZ)
After all the negative reviews I was leery of ordering from these guys. However, I took the chance and ordered the commander lift kit w/shocks and the rockrails. I was proactive about finding out when the items were going to ship and confirmed the items I ordered w/them. I am very pleased with the outcome. The front lift was somewhat of a challenge to install. I don't recommend installing in your driveway with just basic tools. I'm in the military and used the auto hobby shop on base. Saved me from being completely frustrated. The back lift was easy each side took about 30 mins. The rockrails are awesome. They fit like a glove. They really did their homework with these. My only suggestion is the four bolts that screw into the frame should probably be sheet metal screws. The frame was tough to drill through with some portions your actually drilling through two pieces of metal. Other than that I am very pleased with the simplicity of the lift, how it looks, and the handling afterwards. The rockrails are definitely worth the price they charge. I look forward to dealing with them when I do upgrades for my 93 Cherokee w/my son.
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Customer Rating Years of experience
Date: Mar 22, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (El Paso, TX)
I have an '88 Samurai Hardtop and have ordered the JPEater lift kit, very good product, a little slow on delivery, but it was when it was promised. Also the Garvin Wilderness Rack - delivered on time - another great product. The full size spare holder is another winner, the off road seats are great, they fit well and were delivered on time. The off road shocks are great and also delivered on time. My orders have been small and spaced out about once a year as this is my son's daily driver and we just add to it when we get some cash.

They were recommeded to my by another zuke owner who has also been satisfied for many years. He likes the diamond plating and the big rubber fender flares. They may be next on our list of additions.

As a business owner myself I always remember that people are quick to be a critic, but slow to praise; therefore my unsolicited good words for a company that has done a good job for my needs.
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Customer Rating If You Want to Wait 2 Months for the Wrong Parts, Order Here
Date: Mar 03, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Tampa, FL)
I have dealt with my share of bad suppliers, but this one has to take the cake. Poor shipping estimates, horrible customer service and incorrect shipments make up this mess of a company. I would spend my money elsewhere!
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Customer Rating RRO is not bad at all!
Date: Feb 25, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Billings, MT)
i bought a budget lift for my 99 cherokee, showed up in 3 days, estimated time was 4-7. had to call them because somebody forgot to include instructions, guy had no problem, emailed me the instructions. by the looks of it, they are doing pretty good now, i WILL order from them again :)
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Customer Rating 2005 CRD Rockfather II + Insane Arms
Date: Feb 07, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Indianapolis)
It's a bummer to hear that so many people have had a bad experience with RRO. I ordered a lift and they told me I would not get it until mid January and that was a few weeks off and that's exactly when it came. The parts fit good for the install and their instructions were helpful. I had a few questions during the install and sent them an e-mail and we responded back and forth a few times w/in 24hrs. After the install I ordered the A-arms b/c I needed them to get better alignment after bigger tires + lift. Alignment was very close and I did have the clearance from the springs but I wanted a little more and I wanted the alignment to be right on. I could be just fine w/ stock A-arms though. Tracking on the package says it's in Indy and that's only 6 days from when I ordered them and that was just the normal shipment option. I have to say my jeep looks suuweeet and the lift kit seems to be heavy duty, good quality, and well built.

A little help for those of you with a 2005 CRD wanting to put on this lift kit. The coil overs were a little bit of a bear. Went to Auto Zone to get spring compressors for 34$ and ground them down w/ grinder to fit through the springs a little easier. That helped. I also utilized C-clamps to aid in remounting the coil-over fork to the lower A-arm on the passenger side. RRO said liberties don't need that much fuss though and most of the time can be remounted with just hands.

I put on BFG KM2 245/75 R16 and backspaced wheels(can't remember how much). That was the max set up for my year/model of liberty b/c that year didn't have quite as much clearance as other year liberties. I had to take a grinder and grind down the metal protrusion in the back of the front wheel well. I also had to grind a bit of plastic in the front of the front wheel well to aid in clearance(not a big deal trust me and is not noticeable). Rear end went on by myself in about 20min per side including time to take off and put on the wheels. This was the first lift I've ever put on and figured it out, I am mechanically minded but not a mechanic.

I found RRO on the internet, I'm in Indiana and have had a good experience with this company so I thought some people should know it's not always a bad experience with these guys. Wish you could see how good this thing looks and feels darn near close to original driving down the road.
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Customer Rating Worst place to buy
Date: Feb 07, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Denver, CO)
This place has horrible customer service. Called me a liar and left me out 500 bucks! I will never order from them ever again. I ordered close to $1000 worth of parts and this is how they treat me! They claim I was accusing them of stealing from me when they charged me for 6 rims and I ordered 5. Of course they refunded me for that rim because obviously I didn't order 6. So I received the rims and they were the wrong bolt pattern. Ok...First I placed the order over the phone and spoke to one of their so called "techs" about my samurai and how this was my first build and so on before I placed my order. IDIOTS!!!! If I told you I was building a samurai why would you allow me to order a set of rims without confirming or asking me about which axles I'm running? Now I'm out $500 and they tell me they can't do anything about that. Beware of this place! If this happens to you I wouldn't want to be the one who said "I told you."
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Customer Rating CJ SOA Lift Kit
Date: Jan 27, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (St. Louis, MO 63021)
These people are complete idiots and do not care. They sent the wrong stuff and refuse to correct the problem. Do not buy from these people.
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Customer Rating If I could I would put NO STARS
Date: Jan 27, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (STL)
Buyer be ware!!!!! No customer support, they sent me the wrong parts and wanted me to re-order the right parts again. Worst company ever! Almost makes me want to sell my Jeep!!!
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Customer Rating Trail Creeper 6.5:1 T-Case Gears
Date: Dec 25, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (CA)
I ordered the Trail-Creeper gears from RRO. Waited about a week with no gears, calls, or e-mails. I called them, they said gears are on back order, ETA 3 months.

RRO buys these gears from Trail Gear. I called TG and they said the gears were available. TG got them to me in 3 days, with a $100 cheaper.

It's unfortunate their customer service is lacking. It seems like they have potential to be a good supplier.
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Customer Rating Not a company you want to deal with...
Date: Nov 24, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Denton, TX)
They sent me the wrong stuff, they only corrected the problem when I threatened them with a lawsuit. The remaining parts of the order were MIA for months before the order cancellation was made. I find it hard to believe that a company that preys upon first time buyers like they do is still in business. Once you have dealt with them, every other 4wd parts house doesn't seem bad at all.
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Customer Rating Poor Poor Poor Customer Service
Date: Oct 15, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Portland, Maine)
This is the second and last time I will ever deal with RRO! broken promise times poor customer service and did I mention poor customer service! like last time I am still waiting for the rest of my order. I called today and had a rude bastard talk over me while i was talking just to get an answer of maybe this week or next week, they told us that 3 weeks ago. They need to get thier s- together and take care of the customers they have or they wont have any customers to deal with! I promise that once this order has been filled I will never ever ever deal with this company again!!! After reading the reviews here I'm sure most of you agree RRO are terrible to work with
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Customer Rating Know What you are dealing with
Date: Sep 29, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Toronto)
I have ordered from RRO 5 to 7 times first for my Samurai then for my Jeep. And I had no experience out of the ordinary..
But I never expected them to act like a tier one vendor. Most orders took 10-12 days Guys. this is a 3 person local shop in Utah with an Eye to be a little bigger. They do wicked work for those whom come in; and they sell their own designs and a bit more on the web. They don't carry inventory unless they build it themselves and the stuff they build is actually pretty good. The order in stuff is usually a little cheaper than elsewhere too.. Which counts when you are like me converting to canadian dollars.

Look at their website it's cheesy.. They are the equivalent of rolling up to a local shop and getting them to order it. And at times they don't answer the phone or answer it out of breath because they really are/were under a truck. If you want to buy from a big box - we all can and we do. But Every Once in a while I throw an order their way. They are nice and when you get Glenn his advice is bang on....
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Customer Rating Waiting as of now!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Aug 07, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Richmond, VA)
Ok, so i bought the OTT kit from them and wanted it 2nd day shipped. That was sunday, I figured ok it will be here weds. So on weds at around 3pm I called just to make sure it was on its way because I had not heard anything from them. Well after calling twice and waiting on the phone for 30 mins total with no one picking up I decided to use the online chat. I got some guy and asked about my order, he told me it had not shipped because they are waiting on parts. I asked estimated time, he said 2-3 weeks, I asked why they would not call someone to let them know that if they asked for second day air because they probably needed it and I paid a crap ton of money to get it shipped like that, he said they don't have the staff to do that and then I said cancel the order then, well its thursday and after I have ordered somewhere else I just got an email stating they sent my order anyways and charged my card, and the best part of this is.... it was still not shipped second day air and I was charged for it.... what a rip off..... do not buy from there. I will contact the BBB on them as well.
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Customer Rating Worst off-road company ever
Date: Jul 30, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Long Island, New York)
Lets just start with the fact that I had a whole website running called "". I actually don't want to get started because of the 2 seperate experiences I had. Their customer service is horrible. Seemed like college kids who didn't care and had no knowledge. I was always referenced to their website that had no info. The owner was always overseas and never available. They never responded to my BBB (Better Business Bureau) complaint. I bought the SOA YJ kit (this was my worst experience ever). Parts didn't fit right, parts on back order for months, and design was very poor.
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Customer Rating Never corrected installation error
Date: Jun 17, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Upland, CA)
I bought a lift kit from RRO about a year ago. A few weeks ago I found out that their installation directions for incorrect. The mistake could lead to a spacer failure. RRO never notified any customers of this issue. They also refuse to answer any of my questions.

This review is the subjective opinion of a JeepReviews user and not of
Customer Rating Horrible customer service and poor communication
Date: May 08, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Tracy, CA)
After reading several negative reviews I decided to give them a shot anyway and form my own opinion. My opinion is DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!I ordered an OTT High Steer Kit and was told it would ship in no more that 3 weeks. Called back 3weeks later and was told they were waiting on parts. Called back a week later and was told all parts were in and going to powder coat. Call back a week later and was told all parts were out of powder coat and would ship by the end of the week. Called back at the end of the week and was told that all parts were backordered and they had no idea when parts would be available. Jarod informed me that they could only provide estimates of lead times and that they could not forsee the future and were not an automated shop. Requested to speak with supervisor; I was informed that Carol the supervisor was actually never in the shop. I'm not sure how you supervise from off site. Cancelled my order and bought from Teraflex. All parts in stock and shipped immediately.
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Customer Rating CJ Old Man Emu budget wrangler spring conversion
Date: Apr 30, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Alma, AR)
Ok I read all the reviews after I had ordered the kit and started thinking how I didn't want to deal with what others had gone through, so I called on Friday and cancelled the order with no problem. This was after two weeks of waiting which up front they told me it would be two to three weeks before the kit would ship. Well on the following Tuesday I got a call from them saying all the stuff had came in and was ready to ship and did I still want the kit, what a surprize after not getting anywhere with a local four wheel drive shop over the following weekend. Well I ended up going on with the order from them and what a great company to deal with, all the parts came in this week like promised and looked really good, nice welds, beefy parts, everything fit and bolted up great. I even read somewhere on the net that they write fraudulent reviews on their behalf, I really used Rocky Road Outfitters Old Man Emu budget Wrangler spring conversion on my CJ5 and had a really good experience with them and their product.
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Customer Rating Sucks to be you
Date: Mar 26, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Pasco, FL.)
I bought the 4.5" kit for my ZJ about 2 years ago and have had no problems since. I did have to wait for some parts when I ordered it but for the price I can't complain. I also called several times w/ misc. questions before, during, and after I purchased the kit w/ no issues. BTW I installed the kit myself so I had my hands on every part. With there affordable pricing and decent quality construction I can deal w/ a little wait.
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Customer Rating Too long for parts
Date: Jan 30, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Orange County, CA)
I ordered an Old Man Emu lift kit for my Land Rover Discovery. After 2 weeks I called to check on my order and they said another 6-8 WEEKS due to large demand. No thanks. After calling to cancel my order, I ordered the same kit from British Pacific..for LESS.. and got delivery the same week.
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