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Nth Degree Lightning Rod Quick Disconnects

Brand: Nth Degree
Features: The AEV/Nth Degree "Lightning Rod" quick disconnects are a bit different from other quick discos on the market. Instead of replacing your stock links, this kit actually utilizes them. The kit uses lever-action to connect/disconnect the swaybar (as opposed to removing pins or bolts like other systems). When disconnected, the links store above the Jeep's spring tower to keep them (and the swaybar) out of the way of your articulated tires. The manufacturer claims that these links can easily be operated by one person even on un-level ground (up to 8-inch height difference at front wheels).

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Nth Degree Lightning Rod Quick Disconnects

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Nth Degree Lightning Rod Quick Disconnects - Reviews

Customer Rating Awesome disconnects
Date: Apr 22, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Omaha)
What I love most about these disconnects is that you don't have to be on a totally level surface to reconnect. They also tuck away when disconnected and lock into position. Overall just a great product. I highly recommend them
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Customer Rating Nth Degree Lightning Rod... THE BEST engineered QD, period.
Date: Oct 17, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Beaverdam, VA)
The Nth Degree Lightning Rod Quick Disconnects [LRQDs] are quite simply, IMHO, the BEST engineered QDs available today. These clever and simple devices do what we want QDs to do, allow maximum suspension flexibility when off-road by disconnecting the sway bar from the axle, while retaining the safety and drivability of the OEM suspension while on-road with the sway bar connected. The difference is the LRQDs make the process easy and hassle free, and for a lower cost and shorter install time.

How you ask...?

-Lever-action camming closure, push and it locks, pull to unlock.
-Quick-Connect Frame Ball Joint is case-hardened.
-No loose parts to rattle around or get lost.
-Easy, Secure and Quiet over the spring tower parking.
-Add-on design retains the stock links, retaining OEM ride and reducing parts and related costs.
-Universal Application. Fits all TJ models and years.

-'No-Cuss' Hook-up: LRQDs can be hooked up by one person EVEN WITH the vehicle SUBSTANTIALLY OUT OF LEVEL (up to 8" height difference at front tires!)

-'No-Rub' Link Parking: On TJs, with other QDs the stored sway bar location can create real issues with large tires, limiting turning radius and possibly even damaging the QDs or tires. LRQDs store ABOVE THE SPRING TOWER to keep both themselves and the sway bar completely out of the way of the tires. This means that 35"+ tires can turn nearly full-lock (limited ONLY by the frame) while at full articulation!

- 'No Strap' Link Parking: With a minor mod to the inner fender support panel (described in the LRQD installation instructions) the sway bar and LRQDs tuck safely and securely away overtop the spring tower eliminating the need to jury rig a velcro strap or bungee cord to support the sway bar while disconnected.

-OEM Sway Bar functionality: LRQDs provide the same roll rate and road 'feel' as the stock setup because they retain the OEM links.

-Fast Installation because the original stock links are retained and do not need to be removed, installation takes just minutes.

Personal Experience, see my install pix at:
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