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Daystar 2" Coil Spacer Lift

Brand: Daystar
Features: The Daystar 2-inch coil spacer lift is an easy way to add height to your Jeep. This budget boost comes with four polyurethane coil spacers. Coil spacer lifts are a good entry level lift that provide clearance for larger tires. This is a good starting point for new Jeep owners (or mild offroaders) who aren't ready to invest in a full suspension lift kit.

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Daystar 2" Coil Spacer Lift

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Daystar 2" Coil Spacer Lift - Reviews

Customer Rating Daystar 1.75in for Jeep TJ
Date: Sep 15, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Oneida, TN)
The lift was simple to install. If you haven't done a spacer lift, I suggest looking up install online. Daystar's instructions suck. The hydro shocks are slightly better than Skyjacker nitro's. I did get a very small amount of driveline vibration at 35 mph. The only reason I didn't give a 9 or 10 is because daystar's bump stop extensions are hard to get in. I had to freeze them overnight, grease them, and use a jack to get them in. Also, I had to cut 1.5in off the front bumper extensions in order to get enough travel. Maybe they are long so that you can decide your own amount of articulation.
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Customer Rating Shocks are junk
Date: Jan 07, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Jemez Springs, NM)
The lift kit was of good quality. Directions were ok but shocks are junk. My rear shocks leaked after a few days and now I am trying to get Daystar to replace them. It looks to be a good fight.
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Customer Rating Easy way to add some height
Date: Nov 08, 2006
Reviewer: A User from (San Diego)
I needed to add a few inches to support 32x11.5 tires on my '97 TJ. I chose the DayStar 2" coil spacer for its reputation. The kit was complete with bumper stop extensions. I found that the provided instructions were not clear, and used others found on the internet. I did not use a coil compressor, but it would have made the job easier. For both front and rear, jacking up the opposite wheel provided the needed space to easily install the springs. But..I had to gently crow-bar the 'other side' springs in place. Also I needed to shave the bumper stops a little around the edge to get them to fit into the sleeves. All in all, very doable for a newbie. I think that the Daystars are slightly less than 2" which helps make other drive alignments not an issue. No others mods were needed, but I did add a 1" BL. New 32x11.5 fit fine.
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