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Jeep Rubicon Pic

Jeep Rubicon

I heard in about 2003 that Jeep was drawing up a new model with a V6. I knew then I had to buy one before the change. The iron straight six, now tweaked and fuel injected, delivers the torque down low nothing like any V6 I've driven. Then I read that Jeep was upgrading the gearbox to a 6 speed and... [See all Jeep Rubicon reviews...]
Jeep Wrangler Pic

Jeep Wrangler

I just wanted to post about the recent upgrade that I made to my 2000 TJ Sport. I blew the I-6 motor, impressive I know, after 150,000 miles of faithful service. This left me with a decision to make, I was either going to start a 4BT 3.9 Diesel upgrade or go for the 4.6 liter Golen Stroker I-6... If you travel with your Jeep, be sure to grab a hotels.com coupon code before your next trip. [See all Jeep Wrangler reviews...]
Jeep Cherokee Pic

Jeep Cherokee

I've had my 93 XJ for 4 years now, just one of 4 I've owned. It has the AX-15 5 speed and 4.0L H.O that will get 1st, 2nd, and bark 3rd. It's the most powerful vehicle I've ever owned. It's a rust bucket, but that's the best thing. People say "what a pos" but when I go to challenge them offroad or... [See all Jeep Cherokee reviews...]
Jeep Liberty Pic

Jeep Liberty

No rust ever, 120,000 miles and rolling, Connecticut road salt, Honda Civic self-distructed (totalled) on rear bumper, no damage. Best vehicle I have owned, gets 20mpg regular, I have 5sp stick, in 4th and 4wd handles like a dream in 6 inches snow, 50mph on interstate, slows by decel on engine, np,... [See all Jeep Liberty reviews...]
Jeep Commander Pic

Jeep Commander

I purchased my Jeep in April 2007 and it stalled on me June 2007. I have been taking it in since 27 June 2007. I have used 2 dealers and neither of them can tell me why the vehicle keeps stalling. Once they connect it to the machine there are no readings. Please let me know if anyone else has had... David Barcomb [See all Jeep Commander reviews...]
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