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Jeep Rubicon Pic

Jeep Rubicon

I own a specialty pre-owned Jeep Wrangler dealership and have had the pleasure to buy - sell - and own hundreds of Jeep Wranglers typically 1997 - 2010 but mainly specialize in the TJ model 1997-2006. After years of working with these jeeps they usually have simple common issues that are easy and... [See all Jeep Rubicon reviews...]
Jeep Wrangler Pic

Jeep Wrangler

My Jeep Wrangler is a wonderful vehicle. It is simple, rugged, adventurous. My Jeep has the amazing, bomb-proof 4.0 straight six cylinder engine that provides adequate power. My Jeep has a 2 inch lift with 35 in bf goodrich tko tires that seem to do well on all terrain, whether it's mud, sand, or... If you travel with your Jeep, be sure to grab a hotels.com coupon code before your next trip. [See all Jeep Wrangler reviews...]
Jeep Cherokee Pic

Jeep Cherokee

I've had my 93 XJ for 4 years now, just one of 4 I've owned. It has the AX-15 5 speed and 4.0L H.O that will get 1st, 2nd, and bark 3rd. It's the most powerful vehicle I've ever owned. It's a rust bucket, but that's the best thing. People say "what a pos" but when I go to challenge them offroad or... [See all Jeep Cherokee reviews...]
Jeep Liberty Pic

Jeep Liberty

The Good Original owner and still love this Jeep. Its been 10 years and 150,000 miles and the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Its fun to drive, easy to park, great turning radius, looks great and always ready to go. I'll list my repairs and issues below but also realize this has been... [See all Jeep Liberty reviews...]
Jeep Commander Pic

Jeep Commander

I have had many problems with this vehicle but must say, it's still going! The repairs have cost a few dollars, and some of the issues were so expensive that I decided to forego the fix, so the car has multiple issues still, but it's driveable. Stinks in the snow for such a heavy vehicle. Have seen... [See all Jeep Commander reviews...]
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