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Brand: Bestop
Features: The Bestop Supertop soft tops are available for a variety of Jeep from 1955 to the present. The Supertop soft tops come with hardware & fabric and are available in several colors (depending upon the model year of your Jeep). This Jeep soft top is made from the same fabric that the Jeep factory uses. Available with tinted windows and for hard or soft door Jeeps.

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Bestop Supertop Soft Top

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Bestop Supertop Soft Top - Reviews

Customer Rating Best super top
Date: Jul 23, 2018
Reviewer: A User from (Pilgrims Knob, Virginia)
I bought the Best Super Top for my restored 1978 Jeep CJ5. I purchased this Top Complete with Hardware.... "I bought my CJ used and it did not have all the original framing". Long story short, the Top is a piece of over-designed Junk... This is not my first Rodeo nor my first Bestop, meaning this is my 5th Jeep CJ5, So I have installed a soft Top more then once. While the half doors and fastening Latches are a great Plus for the older CJ's, the Top is a pain in the Butt to install. The old OEM Top could be installed in minutes by a single person who is familiar with the process, however, this new Best Top it takes an hour or more. The Zippers seem to be installed backwards and are a nightmare to work with and the Railing's that are used to hold this New Super Top to my Jeep won't allow me to pull the Top to the Jeep and slip it under to fasten, where the OEM Top you would pull the Top to a Snap and fasten it down, "Simple"... This supposedly Top of the line Best Super Top with Hardware is an overpriced piece of Junk. My advice,,, if you have your old hardware and only need a replacement Top, Save your money and buy that, you'll be happier and about 500 dollars better off.
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Customer Rating Not for a CJ7
Date: Sep 07, 2015
Reviewer: A User from (Ocala, FL)
Bestop supertops are not for CJ 7's, even though they say they are. They are for Wranglers. The rear window is not correct for the CJ 7. It makes taking the rear window out, opening the tailgate or window difficult. My earlier supertop fit the tailgate just fine, snapped into a channel on the edge. This one size fits all that they are selling now is a Wrangler top. Even the Scrambler top uses the same incorrect rear window. Total garbage.
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Customer Rating Shipped 2 passenger doors/ Questionable quality
Date: Sep 27, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Mtn Vew, Ca)
I ordered a bestop for my 86 CJ7. I read these reviews, but I should've paid more attention. I received a new top and door skins in about 3 days. With no instructions, it took quite a while to figure out that I had 2 passenger door skins but no driver side replacement skin. Now, I'm playing the waiting game for a replacement door for the drivers side. The replacement top doesn't fit very well. A couple of snap fasteners don't lineup. The back window sags quite a bit. This top lacks quality as does the costomer service. Customer service is hired out to a phone response company. I suppose I'll be driving my Jeep with no doors for a while. This is a real one star outfit!
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Customer Rating Manufacture defects
Date: Jan 12, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Granite Falls, WA)
I bought a nearly thousand dollar soft top for my Jeep. Everything went fine until right door assembly. There is an obvious defect with the product. I emailed pictures to softop and they acknowledged the defect. My outlet ordered a whole new top to take the door out of. Same problem. Now I have been 10 weeks since a replacement upper door was ordered and they have no idea on delivery. Bestop first said there is an obvious problem with my top but still tells me 6 to 8 weeks to get one out of where they are manufactured in Mexico. I would suggest going with another top this one is junk.
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Customer Rating Try someone elese
Date: Jan 06, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Oakland, CA)
My OE top was missing two brackets at the top to lock into the sunrider latches. I emailed Bestop with the parts I researched to replace the brackets. They confirmed they were the correct part number and brackets. Brackets came and they were wrong. I take pictures send to super top, they now say they cant tell me what bracket to use and to contact Mopar because it's not their top..

Fine. I order a supertop NX. CHEAP Chinese quality. Bad screw hole punches, as in not lining up in a straight line, not all the way through the metal. Scratches on the metal new from box.

Go to install the archtop bow, which use tension to hold into place. SNAP broken top bracket, because the plastic is to thin and cheap to handle the force of bowing the arch.

Still waiting on BESTop to tell me the part for that replacement. Installation instructions suck too, but if you spend 5 hours you can get it done.

I dunno shop around, try anyone else, chinese quality control with slow no responsive customer service
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Customer Rating Piece of Crap almost Made me Crash
Date: Jan 03, 2012
Reviewer: A User from (Port St Lucie, FL)
Constructed VERY POORLY. It always fit loosely, the bottom of the window just hangs because it's too long to hook under the catch and when it rains the top turns into a huge bowl. The bar along the windshield refused to catch the hook at first, eventually after many hours of struggle it finally caught and it worked for about a year until today. As I was going 75mph down the highway (as I have done many times before), the canvas flipped open and I almost crashed. This was the worst purchase I've ever made in my life ($600), I should have kept my original top even though the zippers and windows were broken. it would be safer than a top that just flips open whenever it feels like it. I am so filled with hatred right now. Please do not buy Bestop products.
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Customer Rating Ripped junk
Date: Nov 13, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Califonia)
I tried to pull my supertop down to clip the side window in and the treads pulled out of the top.I had a heater in the jeep for a hour 80 degrees inside and still imposable to stretch. this top came with the jeep just like all products from china junk
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Customer Rating Bestop Supertop Damaged
Date: Aug 02, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Pennsylvania)
i have only owned this top for about 6 months and as we are all aware.........birds are everywhere, i always keep my jeep clean, one morning i woke up looked outside and birds have dive bombed my jeep, about 2 hours went by and i went outside to give the jeep a bath, when i went to clean off the destruction i noticed it was not coming off, bird droppings have actually melted the soft top and windows, to a point where waterproof is a question, now call me crazy but i think these tops should be somewhat resistant to bird droppings, now i called bestop and they told me to send em pictures, stilll have not heard from them at all still waiting, will repost with an update.
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Customer Rating bestop safari top
Date: Jul 14, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Knoxville, TN)
I have a 2008 unlimited and needed to replace the top. Went with the Bestop safari bikini. This thing is pure Chinese garbage - DO NOT BUY. The material is extremely thin (actually tore at one of the cheap plastic hooks during the install), a coke can has thicker gauge aluminum than the window mount braces (of which I needed to replace the screw inserts as they stripped out on tightening), and I had to attach several ratchet straps to keep the thing from blowing off. The duster is not any better. AVOID BUYING ANYTHING FROM BESTOP!!!
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Customer Rating There should be less than one star.
Date: Mar 23, 2011
Reviewer: A User from (Bowling Green, KY)
Do not buy this top. I just bought a 2000 jeep with a hardtop and wanted a soft top for the summer. I do not think one person can raise this top. I call Bestop and they said it would be difficult. They should say that in there ads. If your 6 foot tall with 6 foot arms you may have a chance. I have bought a number of different Bestop products and the quality is poor. The fabric is good quality but the frame and part are crap. I am new to Jeeps but have had convertibles. The front fabric could be attached to the bar, attached to the windshield and clip like a convertible top or the jeep hardtop. The fabric fits in a groove in the bar attached to the windshield. This is my fault. I should have done some research and read some reviews. This is a second, summer, fun, car for me. I am thinking about removing the soft top and get a good tarp to throw over it. Seriously. Am I stupid to think that one person should be able to raise a jeeps soft top. I wish profanity was allowed on this site. I think this experience has taught me some new words I would like to share. I am 45 and have never written a review on a product. Good luck
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Customer Rating Please do not buy
Date: Sep 28, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Spokane, WA)
Please let me start by saying, Do not buy this top I am so unbelievably unhappy with it I cannot say it enough. To start the job, Step one you have to remove the roll bar from the windshield. It stresses the need for a torque wrench and a special set of bits for your ratchet. Or you can take it to a mechanic. So $80 worth of new tools I am ready to start. The hardware was cheaply made. Due to the poor job on the powder coat I had a total of 3 pieces not fit together without having to sand it down. One still never went together entirely correct. Nice and easy right? And the way the soft upper doors fit over the outside of the top, instead of inside the assembly like the factory, is horrible. One, my passenger door wont shut due to the way the metal on the door frame and the hardware on the top meet up. I can force it closed, but now I worry about the extra stress on the latch. And two, driving to work this morning, just the moisture from the dew was leaking in my windows. Are you kidding me? And Im supposed to drive this in the Rain/Snow? I am so unhappy that even though I spent $750 on this top, I am going to remove it, and reinstall my old, broken, torn factory top. It is better that this Supertop. I would strongly recommend replacing the skin on your factory hardware.
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Customer Rating Like wearing rubbers that are too big
Date: Jun 20, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Grapevine, TX)
Had to replace soft top after hail in the Rockies. The Best Top replacement is cheaply made and has an a fit that is looser than a baggy balloon at the zoo. I hate this top. Will look for alternatives asap - what waste of $600. The rigid plastic that is supposed to fit in the channels to hold the side panel windows in isn't rigid at all and is about an inch past the channels they are supposed to fit tightly into and the top is so loose, it looks like a volkswagon when driving down the road.
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Customer Rating Junk
Date: Apr 28, 2010
Reviewer: A User from (Indy, IN)
Do not purchase Bestop products. The quality and durability has suffered due to the manufacturing being done in China. I purchased a bikini top, windjammer and tonneau cover in 2004 when they were still manufactured in the US and the qaulity and fit was excellent. The 2004 items are extremely weathered but still function. The bikini top, windjammer and tonneau cover I just purchased in 2010 is...well...JUNK. The windjammer does not fit correctly and a buckle on the bikini top broke during the very first time installing on my Jeep. I have purchased many items from Bestop over the last 8 years and they do not even have the courtesy to discuss my dissatisfaction with there product. I will never purchase anything from them again.
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Customer Rating Bestop Supertop A Good Buy
Date: Sep 29, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Chicago, IL)
Living in Chicago and its seasons (winter and construction), and preferring to run with a soft top year-round (the look, feel,and even smell...) the Bestop Supertop fit the bill. If I didn't have to replace my tired and worn OEM hardware, I would have gone with the Sailcloth top.

I find that I like the hardware for the Supertop the connection to the headliner at the top of the windshield. The OEM headliner uses the clamp while the Supertop has to be slid into a slotted header that you need to clamp on to your windshield. One benefit of this clamp-on headliner, is that it also works for my mesh bikini top for hot summer days.

The Supertop hardware folds down flat against the tub of the Jeep...much flatter than the OEM hardware/bows. If you're a Jeeper and know your way around a soft top, it will only take you just over an hour to get the hardware attached and the top on. Right out of the box, it will be difficult to get the headliner attached to the windshield slot as it is creased and folded when shipped...I recommend either taking the time to flatten out the crease or have another person there to help you attach it. I did it on my own...but it took some doing and actually attaching the rear of the top FIRST, then sliding it into the headliner.

I purchased my Supertop with the upper doors since my Jeep has the metal half doors. The upper doors are of the variety of the large zip-open plastic windows. I use these as my "summer doors" (construction season?) as they are easy to pop off and lay flat in the back of my Jeep under the dog bed (took out the rear seat and replaced it with a large bedbed for my pups).

For my "winter doors," I use the Bestop upper doors with glass sliders, as they can be scraped of ice/snow, less road noise, and unlike a plastic zip-open window, won't crack on the coldest of days when opened.

I've only had the top for a short time...but it looks and fits great! Love it so far!
Long story short: If your OEM hardware is in good shape, go with the Bestop Sailcloth replacement top. If you need to replace your hardware/bows or don't have any hardware due to running with only a hard top....the Bestop Supertop is for you.
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Customer Rating So-so top for the price
Date: Aug 04, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Joliet, IL.)
Got a 94 yj and bought this top through jcwhitney. Got a black top with tinted windows. It seemed really nice for about the first month that it was on but now there are seems ripping and the rear support bow is starting to bend a little. I have to keep it on the tightest setting otherwise the top is way to loose. Its still pretty loose as it is. For 800 bucks I think it wasnt worth it.
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Customer Rating Supertop for a 08 JK
Date: Mar 10, 2009
Reviewer: A User from (Alexandria, LA)
I installed the top in about 4 hours. The directions were not very clear. Missing a spring for a latch which factory sent and one header was damaged during shipping. Since my jeep is 4door I like to have 2 ppl. when puting the top down. Other than that the quaility of parts and top look durable and great.
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Customer Rating Great for any weather
Date: Nov 09, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Lewistown, Montana)
I live in central Montana and replaced the factory hardtop on my CJ5 with a Bestop Supertop, the highest quality soft top available. It works in all of Montana's grueling weather, whether it's a hundred degrees in August or forty degrees below zero in January, this top takes it all providing you have a good heater that is. It takes harsh conditions well too. I work in Yellowstone National Park in the summer and have to commute back and forth in the Jeep. One time I got caught in a powerful thunderstorm that produced marble sized hail going at highway speeds and didn't even damage the top! I go hunting in the fall and when you get in the thick timber and the branches are snagging and scratching at the top, it dosen't rip. The only reason I give 8 stars it that the windows when they get scratched they get harder and harder to see out of, therefore I'll probably replace the windows with new ones soon. They've held up well for five years now, but are getting really hard to see out of. Other than that I highly recommend this top to any Jeep owner.
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Customer Rating Tough as nails. (TJ w/ Soft Uppers)
Date: Oct 06, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Ohio)
The trees I have rubbed against, you have no idea. I have bent the hardware back into place plenty and the thing still works. No flapping in the wind as long as you turn the vent on low. Great Zippers (YKK). The only reason it gets a 7: the plastic in the hardware WILL break.
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Customer Rating Tops in Tops
Date: Jun 02, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (Lost Angeles)
Bestop has been making tops for Jeeps for years. I have a newer style on my CJ7 and I have to say, HUGE improvement over the OEM version.

Gone are the lame snaps and removable 4-piece bow system. Today's Bestops incorporate the rail system and bows that stay attached to the Jeep. You will have to drill a few holes around the rim of your tub, but it's simple and you'll never see the holes. All three windows zip out so the top becomes (in essence) a long "bikini top" that cover front and rear seating areas. Another nice touch it that when the top is down, they incorporate elastic keepers to keep the rails fastened to the tub so they won't flop around.

Once you get the hnag of putting the top down and putting it back up, it's a failry easy one-person job - but two people would make it really fast.

I would suggest buying the window storage envelopes that Bestop makes. Keep those plastic windows safe when you remove them. Bestop makes great padded hard door keepers as well.

Note: I bought the "Black Denim" color thinking it would be textured black. It's actually a dark gray - ugh!
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Customer Rating Good and bad
Date: May 29, 2008
Reviewer: A User from (King of Prussia, PA)
I just replaced a factory top with this top (and the canvas doors as well). Living in the Northeast, I put the top up and down quite often. The Bestop fabric seems to be high quality. The windows go in and out easily. The fit is only so-so. The biggest draw back for me is putting the top back up. The fabric is not attached to the hardware, so you must first re-engage the hardware, which can be frustrating unless you have two people. The bars fit into a slot, and you must get each side in together. You get into a game of one side in, then the other side pops out. Next, you need to stretch the loose fabric up and over - also cumbersome when compared to the factory top. Then you feed the front edge into a narrow channel along the windsheild. The trick here is to start at the center and work towards one side, then go around and do the other side. Again, a game of one side popping out occurs unless you have 2 pp. The end result is you find yourself leaving the top up on iffy days.
The doors are great so far, although they flap alot on highway. No complaints.
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